LCN Ceramic Nail Polish

I love discovering new nail brands because the fact is there are just so many out there that we would never have heard about if it weren’t for blogs. Prior to reading blogs I think I knew of maybe 10 nail polish brands and they were all readily available at drugstores or department stores. Now I know there is a whole world out there and I can’t wait to share with you yet another brand I hadn’t heard of previously, LCN.

LCN is a professional nail brand that makes luxury hand, nail and foot care products. Their vegan nail polishes are big 5 free, soy-free and gluten-free so they are appealing to those with all kinds of allergies as well as being a high-performance product. Will they stack up for me? I have two of their polishes to show you and review. As always my swatches are 2 medium coats on bare nails (no base coat, no top coat).

My Review

  • The small 8ml glass bottle makes them a great size to try without committing to a giant bottle. They are also travel friendly and the square shape makes them line up beautifully (if you aren’t OCD like me you probably won’t notice that part).
  • I like that the brush is a standard size despite being in a much smaller bottle. It means I can paint my nails easily and the handle is a good size to control movement.
  • With both of the colours I have I managed to get 2 days wear before minor chipping occurred on my right hand (I’m right-handed). This is a good result by my standards for a polish when no base coat or top coat is used.

Hot Chilli

A vibrant chilli red shade with a high-gloss finish. It’s semi-opaque with one medium coat and completely opaque in two coats. This colour had a little bit of self-levelling so it didn’t show my ridged nails as much.

LCN Nail Polish in Hot Chilli

Hot Chilli – Sunlight swatch

LCN Nail Polish in Hot Chilli

Hot Chilli – Shade swatch

Pink Pepper

The dark, dusty pink is a cream with a slightly jelly finish – glossy but semi-opaque. This shaded also had a bit of self-levelling but it didn’t completely mask my nail ridges.

LCN Nail Polish in Pink Pepper

Pink Pepper – Daylight swatch

LCN Nail Polish in Pink Pepper

Pink Pepper – Shade swatch

What LCN say ….

LCN professional polishes are high-performance lacquers that incorporate innovative nanotechnology to maximize and create unbeatable durability, strength and shine. And not only do our polishes perform – they’re free of the “Big 5”: DBP; Toluene; Formaldehyde; Cetyl Alcoho; Camphorl!

LCN polish is a VEGAN POLISH THAT ACTUALLY LASTS, Soy-Free, & Gluten-Free

Stockist Details

Australia $4.99 from Skincare Products

USA $7.50 from LCN

UK £5.70 from BCI Direct

Have you heard of LCN? Do you like one of these colours over the other? Let me know by commenting below!

LCN’s own claim is that they do not test on animals, however they do not appear on any certified cruelty-free list.

The Vegan Nail Polish range is suitable for vegans.

Ingredients list is unavailable at time of publishing. This section will be updated when the ingredients are made available to us.

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