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I think feet are one of the most annoying, disgusting and painful body parts. I have quite severe pain caused by a bunions that formed as a child. They get worse and worse each year but the thought of touching my feet creeps me out too much to do the recommended exercises (yes, I’m trying to get over it!). Strangely though, I don’t mind having a foot massage and I find it eases the pain for a while if done correctly.

I decided to try out Foot Reflexology at the newly opened Liangzi Health Oasis in Sydney. The holistically focused spa marries East and West therapies for a complete wellbeing experience. Here’s my review of my recent treatment. 

The Spa

Conveniently located just a brief walk from Central Station near Chinatown in Sydney, you feel instantly transported to an exotic and foreign world when you walk through the doors. The 150 year old historical building has a European-style dome ceiling that floods the large foyer with natural light. Everything inside this building is dressed head-to-toe in traditional Chinese decor.

The reception is set amongst what could be mistaken for a five-star hotel foyer. Large chairs and a lot of open space makes the area feel welcoming, as if I am allowed to just plop down on a couch and take a nap for however long I like. To the back there is a meeting room where guests can unwind before or after a treatment. It’s fitted out with signature Chinese dragon beds, soothing music and a hostess who delivers you herbal tea.

The spa has 11 private treatment rooms each configured to cater for two, three or four people. It’s an interesting concept to me because I’ve previously only been to spas where your treatment is done in a solo room. It would be ideal for a girls day out so you can all enjoy your treatments together and have a chin-wag at the same time.

Liangzi Health Oasis

Liangzi Health Oasis

My Treatment

I was having Foot Reflexology so I was taken to a suite designed just for foot treatments. The room is fitted out with three large recliner chairs, a flat screen tv and a delicious fruit platter is waiting for me. Ivy, the lovely lady who was hosting me, showed me how to turn on the TV and use the remotes. Risky Business was on the first channel I flicked to so I was more than happy with that option.

Liangzi Health Oasis Foyer - Foot Treatment room

Liangzi Health Oasis Foyer – Foot Treatment room

The room is dimly lit and has some scented oil burning which left me feeling instantly relaxed, but I was also excited because I had never been to a spa where I could sit back, watch tv and eat fruit. I change into the provided clothing – a pair of white cotton cropped pants and a matching shirt adorned with red embroidery. They are super soft and comfy, and I can’t help but feel like I’m about to do a martial arts class.

My treatment commences with a foot soak and scrub before the therapist gets to work on my precious feet. He asks me what pressure I like, I respond with “soft” because I’m a weakling. For an hour my feet are massaged and manipulated, sending relaxing signals to other parts of my body.

By the time he was finished my feet felt so limber. All the tension from my body and the pain from my feet were gone. I changed back into my clothes and left for the afternoon feeling revived.

Do you suffer from foot pain? Have you ever tried foot reflexology? Let me know by commenting below!

Sitting back and watching Risky Business during a foot treatment. Win!

Sitting back and watching Risky Business during a foot treatment. Win!

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