L'Occitane Verbena Verveine Fresh Shower Gel

Do you like to save a special scent for a time you think it’s more suited? I know, that sounds ridiculous. It’s something I never would have imagined I would do but when I first smelt the limited edition Verbena Fresh Shower Gel back in January I knew it was a perfect Spring/Summer scent for me. I’m not much of a florals and flowers girl, so the sweet, fresh, citrusy scent was exactly what I wanted during Spring. That meant that I had to stash away this product until just recently but now having used it for a couple of months I can definitely say the wait was worth it and the scent is just as I had hoped. So how did it perform as a shower gel? Let me tell you! 

My Review

  • The signature L’Occitane shower gel packaging was used for this limited edition. It looks identical to the regular Verbena shower gel except for the addition of “fresh” on the side label. If you were looking at labels only you would have no idea this is a limited edition or special release. The extra-tough plastic bottle is shaped with a leaf on the front and back. From a far the bottle looks like glass and it holds up really well even when you leave it to get messy in the shower. I love L’Occitane packaging for this reason, it always looks classy.
  • Something I hate about L’Occitane shower gels and any of the products in this bottle packaging is the lid/cap. The silver cap is small and plugs closed very well. The tight closure of the cap is great because you know your product won’t spill or get contaminated but opening it in the shower, with wet hands, is just about impossible. There isn’t much of a groove to allow your finger to lever the lid open. On a number of occasions I’ve had to use my teeth, and that really hurts so I don’t suggest doing that!
  • Once I’ve broken into the bottle everything else is pretty sweet. The green tinted gel liquid is filled with tiny “pearls”. They look like microbeads (and may have the same consequences as microbeads, I’m not sure) but they burst like little water balloons. The pearls are said to contain organic verbena extract. I personally didn’t notice any difference using the shower gel with the beads. I couldn’t feel them but I saw them and I guess it looks pretty. If it’s as bad for the environment as microbeads than I would be unhappy.
  • The shower gel lathers up to a lovely, soft foam.
  • The scent comes flowing out when you first open the bottle but as I squeeze it on to a sponge it starts to capture me. When using the shower gel it feels like I’m bathing in cleanliness. Soft, foamy, citrusy cleanliness.
  • My skin doesn’t feel dry immediately after using and it doesn’t cause any flare ups of my itchy skin.

What L’Occitane say ….

L’OCCITANE Limited Edition Verbena Fresh Shower Gel is a refreshing and crisp shower gel formulated for both men and women. It features notes of verbena, orange, geranium, lemon tree and natural mint extract. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Stockist Details

Australia $28 from L’Occitane and Adore Beauty

USA $20 from L’Occitane and Sephora

UK £14 from L’Occitane

Have you tried the L’Occitane Verbena collection? Which body wash are you currently using? Let me know by commenting below!

L'Occitane Verbena Verveine Fresh Shower Gel

L’Occitane’s own claim is that they do not conduct animal testing and they were previously certified by Leaping Bunny as cruelty-free, however their products are sold in China where they are tested on animals as required by law. You can view a statement Leaping Bunny released about revoking L’Occitane’s cruelty-free status.

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