On Monday I let you in on what I got up to while running around at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week. One thing I promised to bring you was more details on make-up extraordinaire, Terry Barber.

So, who is Terry Barber? Officially, he is the UK Director of Make-Up Artistry for MAC. Unofficially, he is a world class, wicked make-up artist who creates looks backstage at fashion shows all over the globe. The man has talent, and he knows how to use it.

I was lucky enough to have crossed paths with him backstage at the Stolen Girlfriends Club show during RAFW. The task he was given was no easy feat, as he had two VERY different looks to create, but he did so perfectly. You will be able to read more about it over at Sassybella this week, so make sure you hop over and keep an eye out.

As I was saying, Terry is talented, but in order to help the women of Australia compile the correct products for their own beauty kit, Terry selected 5 must-have items to share with us. Here they are along with my own personal opinion of them.

Terry's Essentials

Studio Careblend / Pressed Powder

US $23 / UK £17.50

MAC Says: Formulated to provide a smooth, virtually invisible, fresh-looking finish, this soft, cream-like powder is carefully blended to provide the skin with extra care, nourishment and comfort.

I Say: The colour I have is Medium Dark which I thought would be WAY to dark for me, however it surprisingly isn’t that noticeable. Maybe I am using too little or my eyesight is broken, but it actually finishes of my make-up quite nicely and you can’t see the colour. The powder is silky smooth and it doesn’t sit in creases or get that dry-flaky look. One thing I don’t like is the basic powder puff that it comes with, but let’s be honest and say if you are using MAC you would have some proper tools at hand. I personally like to use a much bigger fluffy puff.

Cremeblend Blush

AU $40 / US $19.50 / UK £17

MAC Says: A poured cream blush uniquely formulated to bring a natural, softly dewy look to the cheek. Creamy and soft to apply, yet colour, depth and dimension stay throughout the day. Provides a luxuriously smooth, medium-buildable coverage. May be used on cheeks or lips.

I Say: Generally I am scared of creamy blushes because I am fair skinned and I have a rough hand (I always over apply). I am loving this blush in ‘Something Special’ because it is so easy to blend, even with just my fingers. My first dip, when blended, was the perfect amount for me, but I tried it again for a night time look and was amazed that I could apply two coats without looking like a freaky clown. I didn’t love it on the lips as it was just a bit too drying for me.

Sheen Supreme Lipstick

AU $36 / US $14.50 / UK £13.50

MAC Says: Combining the colour impact of a Lipstick with the shine sheen of a Lipglass, Sheen Supreme creates the perfect hybrid – with no compromise. Lightweight, non-sticky, slick to apply and comfortable to wear. This is a must-have for all those who have craved this kind of fusion.

I Say: My choice was Full Speed, a pretty yellow based pink that is bright but not too ‘in your face’. The formula is creamy and it feels really smooth on my lips, even when they are flaky. The colour ‘sticks’ to the lips and when I ate or drank there was still a lot of colour left on my lips that I didn’t need to panic about reapplying. This lipstick is being promoted to my handbag, and that is a really big deal, trust me.

False Lashes Mascara

AU $42 / US $18 / UK £17.50

MAC Says: Fashionably false in look, but honestly real, this mascara’s key benefits of volume and curl are matched by a dramatic end look. The unique edge: the ultra-thickening formula in combo with the plush-’em-up action of its unique double-lush brush.

I Say: This one is easy. I love the curl, I love the thickness, I love the really black colour. Tick Tick Tick.


AU $27 / US $19 / UK £12.50

MAC Says: An aqua-spritz of vitamin and minerals, infused with a calm-the-skin blend of green tea, chamomile, cucumber, topped off with the fresh, natural, energizing scent of Sugi. Adds radiance, finishes makeup. Spray it on. Skin drinks it up!

I Say: For years I have avoided this stuff thinking that it cannot be ‘that’ good. Not suprisingly, I was wrong. Very wrong. This stuff is amazing. I use make up setting sprays everyday and I didn’t think there was that much difference between them. For me, applying Fix+ feels like I am applying hairspray to my face ….. except without the stickiness or shine. It feels like my face is being coated it super strong hold lacquer. Awesome.

Do you use any of Terry’s favourites? What do you think of these products? Let me know by commenting below.

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