Kourtney Kardashian using her makeup organizer. Image source: StyleZilla

If you have ever watched the antics of Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian on Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s or any of their spin-off TV Shows, you will have probably seen the impressive storage system the girls have for their cosmetics. Their clear, plastic organiser systems have been one of my lust have’s since spotting them on the show years ago. This weekend I was over the moon to receive one when I attend an Australian Beauty Bloggers conference, Beauty Bloggers Utopia.

If you read this post about the state of my beauty cupboard, you would know just how much help I need in organising my cosmetic storage. You can expect an update on that project soon, but for now I want to share my review of my new storage item. 

Mini Glamour Box

In Australia, The Makeup Box Shop are the proud producers of these amazing boxes and I couldn’t believe they were a sponsor of the conference. The 30 or so delegates who attended the event were given a Mini Glamour Box, which is made from sturdy acrylic and has gorgeous little jewel knobs for opening/closing the 4 drawers. The unit measures 15.5cm H x 21cm W x 17cm D. The top three drawers are all the same depth but the bottom drawer is a little deeper.

The Makeup Box Shop Mini Glamour Box

You could really use these organisers for anything, not just beauty. This one in particular would make a great ring and bangle organiser! I decided I would use mine for my lipstick storage but only ones I am currently using/trialing. My pile of unused lipsticks would need a train case or trunk (we have already established I have hoarding issues).

I was able to store an average of 18 lipsticks per drawer (the top 3) and the bottom I used for lipgloss, which wasn’t even close to full after I put 20 in there. You are able to put items right to the back of the drawers because there are little stoppers that will stop the drawer from coming right out when you want to reach something at the back, so that is a big positive in my opinion.

Mini Glamour Box Lipstick Storage

The box itself is well made but the drawers do have gaps between them so if you have a problem with dust in your home, these units won’t keep it out completely. They also show fingerprints easily so keep that in mind if that is something that annoys you.

Overall I am beyond pleased with this storage system and for the AUS $52 price tag it is a luxurious option for your beauty storage but well worth it. I know I will be looking to buy more units as I work through the mess of my office.

Stockist Details

The Mini Glamour Box retails for AUS $52 from The Makeup Box Shop, but there are countless storage designs and options available. Unfortunatly they do not ship their items overseas at this time but similar storage solutions can be found on Buy.com for the USA market.

The Makeup Box Shop Mini Glamour Box

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