Mary Kay Timewise Plus Regena-Firm Correcting Eye Cream Applicator

Second to sunscreen, eye cream would be the one skincare item I recommend to everyone. If you are trying slow down ageing you need to pay attention to the eye area. It’s one of the first areas to show damage and it’s equally one of the most difficult to reverse. An eye cream is essential no matter how old you are, but if you are already seeing the signs of ageing you need one that specially targets the visible symptoms. Mary Kay’s new Timewise Plus+ eye cream says it corrects eyes by giving them a lifted, more youthful look. Does it work? Despite my very early signs of ageing I’m still happy to reveal my thoughts in this review. 

My Review

  • Packaged in a long, thin tube, the grey and silver colours make this look like a clinical product line, as opposed to the regular Timewise collection which is in pink packaging. A screw lid reveals a metal doe-foot applicator attached to the tube.
  • The thick, white cream is easily squeeze from the tube on to the applicator. You can then wipe it directly onto your eye area and pat in with your fingers, or you can use the metal applicator to massage it in.
  • I prefer to use the massage option as the applicator feels nice and cooling on my tired, under-eye bags.
  • As the cream is a little thick, it takes a couple of seconds for it to warm up and become easy to massage. I recommend wiping the cream underneath your eyes, leave it for a few seconds for your body temperature to warm it up and then massage with the applicator. If you try massaging straight away it can drag on the skin, which isn’t good if you already have thinning under-eye skin.
  • No fragrance or scent is noticeable during use but if you sniff the tube there is a subtle fragrance. It isn’t offensive but it doesn’t smell like anything in particular, just like skin cream.
  • Other than the sensorial aspect of using this cream, which I enjoyed, I didn’t find any particular improvements after 30 days of use. Perhaps this is because my eyes may not be showing enough signs of ageing to see the benefits. I have very very faint crows feet which didn’t change, but it didn’t get worse either so that is a positive.
  • There were no noticeable improvements to the dark circles under my eyes.
  • It’s a pleasant cream to use but I do not feel comfortable judging whether it lifted my eyes as the marketing stated it would.

What Mary Kay say ….

Unlock the secret to a youthful, lifted look. This eye cream is like no other. Not only is it powered by the Regena-FirmTM Complex, it also contains specialised ingredients to focus on benefits that are of vital importance to how youthful your eyes look.

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Mary Kay Timewise Plus Regena-Firm Correcting Eye Cream

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