Maybelline NY Express Remover
Removing nail polish can be such a chore that many of us will just wait until it flakes off or we peel it off. I’ve been guilty of these many times but in an effort to keep my nails in pristine condition I try to remove it properly with nail polish remover. My laziness kicks in when it comes to glitter polish or dark colours because they require more effort to remove without making a mess. Maybelline New York says they can change that with their new Express Remover. Can this pot of nail polish remover make my job easier? Find out in this review. 

My Review

  • A black plastic pot opens at the top with a screw lid. The packaging is classic black & pink – a colour combo I love. The lid screw closed really tight, I tired everything to make it leak but had no luck. It’s evident that it sufficiently kept air from drying out the inside while not in use.
  • Inside the pot you see thick sponges line the entire interior, they’re very soft and squishy. In the very centre is a small hole with a slit on either side – this is for you to insert one finger at a time, and the slits make the sponge move to fit the size of each finger.
  • The sponges are sitting in, and fully soaked in, the nail polish remover. When you insert your finger you instantly feel how moist the sponges are and you feel a pool of liquid from about half way down.
  • The nail polish remover is acetone-free so it’s gentler than most regular nail polish removers. It also has the addition of avocado oil and other good things to stop the nails and skin drying out.
  • Instructions for use as per the packaging:
    1. Dip finger into the pot
    2. Twist the pot in one full circle
    3. Remove your finger
  • I find the remover works as per the instructions on most polishes but ideally on cream formulas. For polishes with any particles (glitters, flakes, etc) and for really dark polishes (black, navy blue) I find the most effective method is to dip your finger in, hold for 5 seconds and then twist the pot in 2 full circles. In both instances the polish comes off completely and there is no scrubbing required.
  • My initial thoughts about sticking my finger in a pot of polish remover were that it would ruin my nails, cuticles and skin. That has not been the case and it has proven to actually remove tough polish with less harm to my nails than if I tried doing it with regular remover and a million cotton balls.
  • I have not tried using this product to remove gel-polish hybrids, gel or acrylic based additions. The soak time required for those products is much longer so I assume foil-soaking is still the best method.
  • It has to be one of the strongest smelling nail polish removers I’ve ever encountered. The scent hits you as soon as you open the bottle. At first it’s very “nail polish remover”-like but then comes a sweeter fragrance. You can tell they’ve attempted to mask the strong chemical smell but this doesn’t bother me enough to not use it.
  • The only major downside I’ve found is that the sponges on the interior start to breakdown fairly quickly, especially if you use it for rough textured polishes with particles. Using it once per week to remove such polishes, I found by the third week I was starting to get tiny bits of black sponge on my finger when I removed it from the pot. It took about 8 weeks before I found the sponges were too messy to continue using. How long it takes for your pot to wear out will depend on how often you use it and the polish you are removing. I still think 2 months was a great run for this product.
  • It’s definitely the quickest way to remove polish I’ve ever experienced. I’m a big convert and can’t recommend it enough for those who are lazy with removing their polish or just looking to an alternative to the regular method.
Maybelline New York Express Remover

Maybelline New York Express Remover

What Maybelline NY say ….

THE NEW MAGIC NAIL POLISH REMOVER HAS ARRIVED. Our instant dip-in nail polish remover that eliminates the toughest polish in less than five seconds.

  • Exclusive Express Technology removes nail polish in just one dip. No cotton pad necessary.
  • Acetone-free formula ensures no drying of the skin or nails.

Dip your nail into the pot and twist in one full circle. Remove your finger from the Express Remover for cleansed nails that are completely free of polish.

Stockist Details

Australia $9.95 from selected pharmacies, department stores, variety stores and supermarkets

USA – Unavailable at time of publishing. Search eBay or Amazon for sellers.

UK £4.99 from Superdrug

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According to, Maybelline New York (parent company L’Oreal) do test on animals. Click through to read L’Oreal’s stance on animal testing.

Animal ingredients are used.

Ethyl acetate, alcohol, aqua/water, glycerin, parfum/fragrance, persea gratissima oil/ avocado oil, benzyl salicylate, benzophenone-1, benzyl alcohol, butylphenyl methylpropional, hexyl cinnamal, limonene, eugenol, linalool, geraniol, hydroxyisohexyl 3-cyclohexene carboxaldehyde, CI 42090 / Blue 1 (F.I.L D55321/1)

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