There is a new revolution in liposuction that has just arrived on Australian shores, and it has me giddy with excitement. Before I tell you all about it I want to tell you why fat reduction is a major interest of mine.

  1. I am very very lazy.
  2. Exercise and I do not get on. We are mortal enemies.
  3. I love sugar. If there is a food made of sugar within a 100m radius, I will eat it. I will eat a lot of it.
  4. I always take the easy way out when it comes to improving my looks.

As you can tell from the above, the only way I am going to get toned is if a machine does it for me. For a long time I have been considering liposuction because there is not a single area on my body that doesn’t need some attention. Long time readers of my blog will know that I weighed a very little 36kg back in 2009, and while most said I looked sick, many said I looked amazing. Personally, I don’t care what everyone else thought because I thought I had the perfect shape for my frame. I still had boobs, I still had a bit of an arse, but everywhere else was thin and in proportion to my 155cm height. Since then I have been stacking on the kilos and now weight about 20kg more. Devastated. I have no clothes that fit me anymore and I have to wear a series of under garments just to hide the rolls. I know I am rambling but my point is that liposuction became a very real thought to me over the past couple years.

Liposuction is a really great option if you have the money and time. I don’t, so I have been looking at alternatives for a while. Unfortunately we seem to have a lack of options in Australia and of the ones I have managed to find, none seem to convince me to give them a go. However, a couple of weeks ago I heard about the new Med Contour machine (also known as VASER Shape) that has just arrived in Australia. I knew very little about the machine but when I heard they had some limited opportunities to be a test dummy I grabbed at the chance. All I knew was that the treatment is painless (don’t they all say that!), zero downtime and only take 30-60 minutes. There is no way I was going to let that opportunity slip by!

What is the Med Contour / VASER Shape?

The Med Contour / VASER Shape is an ultrasound fat reduction machine. While there are different machines on the market that use ultrasound, this machine is unique in a few ways, such as:

  • The depth of the ultrasound waves can be varied, reaching as far as 6cm in depth below the skin. This is better than ones that have a set level because it can reach much further down to the fat cells, rather than just the ones close to the surface. Using a shorter depth allows the machine to do skin firming treatments and address sagging.
  • You can treat almost any area of the body excluding your face and neck. This includes love handles, inner & outer thighs, back fat, tuckshop arms, stomach and buttocks.
  • There is absolutely zero down time and no after care.
  • Can be used as a stand alone treatment to reduce fat, or in combination with surgical or non-surgical methods.

Sounds interesting doesn’t it?

Who Is The Med Contour / VASER Shape for?

The Med Contour / VASER Shape system has many uses, as mentioned above, but like all treatments there are a select group of people and conditions that will have a better result. Managing expectations are a key part to success because no machine can evaporate every bit of your body you dislike. This machine is designed for the following:

  • Small fat pockets too minimal for liposuction
  • Temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • Post liposuction treatment to reduce swelling or smooth out remaining pockets of fat
  • Improving local blood circulation
  • Areas unsuccessfully managed from exercise

Like most non-invasive treatments there are a small group of people who are unable to have these treatments. People with the following conditions (including but not limited to) are generally excluded from this treatment:

  • Heart Disease or Vascular Disease
  • Pacemakers
  • Thrombosis
  • Pregnancy
  • Breast Feeding
  • Cancer

My Med Contour / VASER Shape Experience

Before my treatment I was lucky enough to meet Dr Julene Samuels, a US based cosmetic surgeon who has been using this machine in her practice for over a year. Dr Samuels is a brilliant surgeon and really knows her stuff. The small time I spent with her was highly educational and I wish I could pick her brains more.

Dr Samuels explained how the machine works to reduce fat. It was very long and technical so in my true style I am going to break it down to the simple explanation. Basically, the ultrasound waves destroy the fat cells by making them go BOOM. The fatty liquid content of the fat cells then gets vacuumed up into the lymphatic drainage system, which heads to the liver, which then gets disposed of through the normal liver process. It makes so much sense that I even understand it!

The Machine

My next thoughts turned to the actual machine itself. What does it look like? What will it do to me? Is it really painless? I took a look over the machine making sure there were no hidden needles or sharp bits that were going to stab me when I wasn’t looking. I didn’t find any so I was able to breath again.

There are two hand pieces that work together to perform the treatment.

  • Draining Handpiece: Used to open the lymph nodes before treatment, and massge the lymphatic drainage system to speed up the natural body functions.
  • Cavitational Handpiece: Performs the actual treatment with its dual ultrasound emitters and vacuum suction.

The cavitational handpiece

My Treatment

I decided to have my treatment on my outer thighs. It was a very tough decision to make given the amount of choice I had, but I felt I would be able to see any results on that area far easier than anywhere else. Oh and it is the area that gives me the most headaches when it comes to fitting into pants!

After some very strategic positioning on the massage table, the treatment began. Here is what I felt:

  • First thing they did was use the Draining handpiece to open the lymph node in the groin as they were the closest ones to my area of treatment.
  • Next was the Cavitational handpiece. At first I couldn’t feel anything other than a slight suction but fter a little while the metal plates got warmer and it felt more like a hot stone massage.
  • When the Cavitational handpiece was being run over my upper thigh near my hip bone, it triggered some shooting pains straight down my leg. The feeling lasted for about 3 seconds, in which time I felt paralyzed in the leg. I was told this is a common reaction to areas that are boney because the ultrasound is basically hitting the bone. Not everyone will have this reaction and it is can depend on the area of the body being treated. In my case I had the same reaction on both legs in the exact same spot.
  • One small patch on the back of my thigh was far more sensitive that any other area. When the handpiece passed over this patch of skin it felt like a very hot burning sensation. Again the pain only lasted a few seconds and recovered quickly.
  • The treatment was surprisingly relaxing and if it wasn’t for the awkward position I was holding my legs in, I would have gone to sleep.
  • Aside from it being relaxing, it also made me really hungry for cake. Maybe that is just my natural response to weight loss. It is like when I watch The Biggest Loser and have to eat a tub of Cookies & Cream ice cream (needless to say I have stopped watching The Biggest Loser).
  • Once the Cavitational handpiece had done its job the Draining handpiece is used to massage the area and direct the fat towards the lymph node.

The actual treatment was done in about 30-45 minutes. Once I jumped up and had a look at my legs I could see my skin looked as if it were sunburnt but there was no actual burn feeling. They were also quite warm to touch so it was really deceiving that there was zero pain.

I also found my skin looked much smoother, less ‘lumpy’ and a few of those cellulite dimples had smoothed out. I was amazed with the appearing results after just one simple treatment but I didn’t get my hopes up. After all, it was 1 treatment.


Dr Samuels explained that while the machine can give amazing results after just one treatment, it really is designed to be used as a weekly series of treatments. Most people find they really notice the result between their third and forth treatment but this is dependant on the individual.

The evening after my treatment I had a few changes worth noting:

  • My skin and leg felt much warmer, which wasn’t uncomfortable or anything, I just felt warmer. You know how you feel after a few hours in the sun?
  • My skin felt even smoother and in my opinion looked a little bit tighter.
  • All the redness was gone
  • The area on my hip/upper thigh that caused the shooting pains felt a little sensitive. Kind of like there was a bruise that hadn’t come to the surface yet.
  • Some areas of my thigh looked bulgy. This could be an optical illusion but there were definitely areas that looked like they had been ‘sucked’ more. However, the next morning it wasn’t there

Now just over a week after the first treatment my thighs are still smooth, lump free, dimple free and I have lost 1-2cm off each thigh. I am hoping to continue with the treatments and give you a further update on my progress.

If you would like to donate some $$ so I can afford the continuing treatments please contact me!!

CASE STUDY: A 36 year old women had 1x 28 minute treatment to her left side only. This photo was taken immediately after.


The Australian distributor of the Med Contour, Australasian Medical Aesthetics, recommend pricing at AU $550 per area, per session. To find a practitioner offering this treatment near you, phone 1300 781 239 (Australia only)

In the USA you can find a physician on the VASER website, but if you are in the Louisville, Kentucky area I suggest you go see Dr Samuels.

Those in the UK can get everything they need from the Vaser UK UK Website.

For more information visit the Vaser UK or VASER Shape websites

I want to look like her

What do you think of this new treatment? Would you try it? If you have any questions or comments I would love to hear them!

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