A new player in the cosmetics game has officially entered the Australian market …. and I could not be happier to welcome them. MeMeMe Cosmetics is a brand that is known and loved in the UK. I knew very little about them until recently, but from the sounds of things, they are right up my alley!

I wonder what this is??

Who Are MeMeMe Cosmetics?

From the philosophies of Ancient Greece, to the beauty and elegance of the Renaissance, MeMeMe is a celebration of the free spirit found within us all.

The creation of gorgeous, distinctive and spirited cosmetics for their customers is their passion. MeMeMe formulates premium quality products that will always be as luxurious as possible whilst performing at a standard you would find from only the best.

They pride themselves on offering affordable luxury within an electric range of handbag essentials, on trend editions, classic lines and gift collections as individual and versatile as their customers.

Source: Excerpt from Beauty Directory Australia

Reviews and Swatches

Like every beauty brand that comes to our shores, I instantly wanted to try it. The draw card for me is that they offer on-trend items at around half the price. You know I love me a bargain. Today I am going to show you 5 of the key products I think you will love.

Blush Me! Blush Box

First thing I thought of when I saw these were Benefit Cosmetics boxed powders (I already told you about my love for Sugarbomb). The Blush Boxes from MeMeMe come in four variances, Bronze, Coral, Pink and Rouge. Just like the Benefit versions these also come with a little brush inside, but these are different in that the lids come completely off to reveal a mirror hidden in the lid, whereas benefit have only recently started changing their boxed powders to a flip-open style with a mirror . Today, I am going to show you the Pink one.

What I Say: Straight up, the box annoyed me. I am not sure if it is on purpose or maybe just a lone dud, but the box doesn’t sit exactly square on the base. I know that I am being petty, but I am a packaging whore, and they looked so darn pretty until I noticed the wonky placement. Other than that, packaging is a win!

I instantly noticed the wonky placement when closed

Broken down the kit looks so pretty

The powder is super smooth and nicely pigmented. There is a fair amount of shimmer which I like, but it makes me question whether it would be suitable for mature ladies. The pink colour itself reminds me of those musk stick lollies, like full-on candy pink. There is a faint ‘skincare’ smell if you take a whiff real close, but otherwise it is unnoticeable. I think it is a good thing that this one isn’t overly pigmented because the colour is quite intense. I like that I can layer it till I get the right amount of colour.

Close-up of the powder – shimmery!

What They Say: For a warm healthy glow, MeMeMe Blush Me Blush Box features blush contained in a compact box complete with a mirror and brush for on-the-go application.

Details: AU $21.95 from MeMeMe Cosmetics

Single sweep swatch on arm in natural light

Single sweep swatch on arm with flash

Eye Inspire Pressed Eyeshadow

Uniquely, MeMeMe offer eyeshadows in mono, trio and quad form. Off the top of my head, I cannot think of another cosmetic brand that has this diversity as part of their staple collection. Seasonally, the brand also releases colour collections, and this year it introduces three new colour stories in the Eye Inspire Pressed Eyeshadow Trio. Today I am showing you Candy Eyes from the Spirited Summer Collection. These babies are limited edition so if you like it, hurry!

What I Say: The packaging is simple and allows you to see the colours inside clearly without opening (win!). The compact itself feels very light in the hand, so this could be a problem if you are prone to dropping things. It is a nice shape though so it fits in small hands like mine easily.

You can see the colours through the lid when closed

It is light and easy to hold, even in small hands

The colours in this quad are Pink, Purple and Green. First, the Pink. In the pan it looks quite rosy but on the skin it is very faint and a lighter shade of pink. I was extremely unimpressed by this shade as it took forever to get some colour payoff and I had to rub back-and-forth vigorously over the product to try and do the swatch. Once I did get colour, i liked the shade and it is has a beautiful frosty sheen, but the effort was just too much.

The Purple was a lot easier to get some colour payoff than the Pink, but I was still underwhelmed by the pigmentation. It looks like it would be a pretty colour if you can get it to work, but I am too impatient. The Green, however, was a total winner. OMG, I love the Green. It is this beautiful frosty mint colour and a one finger swipe was more than enough. It is heavily pigmented and the colour payoff just blew me away. The Green is getting some heavy usage but I am afraid despite numerous attempts, the other two colours haven’t had a good run.

The colours up close. Can you see the difference in texture between the green and the other colours?

What They Say: MeMeMe Eye Inspire Trio Collection is a collection of pressed eye shadow trios in a range of colourful shades. The limited edition Candy Eyes palette is a trio of pink, purple and mint green.

Details: AU $14.95 from MeMeMe Cosmetics

Swatch on arm in natural light

Swatch on arm with flash

Beat The Blues Skin Illuminator

Again, when I saw these cuties I instantly thought of Benefit. The creamy illuminators comes in bottles that look like nail polish, and the frosty sheen from the contents can be seen a mile away. There are two shades, Sunbeam which is gold, and Moonbeam which is pink. I am showing you both today!



What I Say: The packaging is cute, and if you are familiar with the Benefit versions than it won’t be a huge shock to you. They are small nail polish like bottles with a fluffy brush on the inside. Both have a really creamy formula and you only need a little for them to spread a long way.

Moonbeam and Sunbeam

Sunbeam has a gold coloured base and is chock-full of gold shimmer. The base itself is nicely pigmented but it is the shimmer that really stands out in this one. I feel the shimmer particles in Sunbeam appear larger than those in Moonbeam. On to Moonbeam, it has a soft pink base with a white-silver shimmer. I feel it is less intense than Sunbeam and doesn’t wear as long either. Out of the two, I definitely would lean towards Sunbeam because it is a real dazzler.

Sunbeam open

Moonbeam open

What They Say: Enhance your natural radiance with MeMeMe Beat the Blues Skin Illuminator. Simply dot the formula along the brow and cheekbones to highlight and accentuate or mix with foundation for an all over shimmer.

Details: AU $13.95 each from MeMeMe Cosmetics

Sunbeam: Single stroke (left) and blended (right) swatch in natural light

Sunbeam: Single stroke (left) and blended (right) swatch with flash

Moonbeam: Single stroke (left) and blended (right) swatch in natural light

Moonbeam: Single stroke (left) and blended (right) swatch with flash

Lip Glaze

This gloss looks like most others but I love that the lid of the packaging has this velvety-grip feel. Hey, I did mention I was a packaging whore! The glosses come in 5 very wearable shades, in a variety of nudes and reds. Today I am showing you Creme Caramel.

Lip Glaze in Creme Caramel

What I Say: The gloss has this amazing vanilla-caramel scent, and along with the name I assumed this was going to be one sticky gloss. I was wrong, It isn’t sticky at all. It applies smoothly with the doe foot applicator and it actually feels moisturising while on the lips. The Creme Caramel colour is a very light gold beige with lots of gold shimmer and a few flecks of multicoloured shimmer. I can’t vouch for pigmentation of the other shades, but I feel this one is rather sheer when it is spread out, and I am not sure if that is how it is designed to be or if that is just this colour.

Lip Glaze is a non-sticky gloss with a doe foot applicator

What They Say: Lightly scented, MeMeMe Luxury Lip Glaze offers rich colour in a non-sticky gloss formula. Available in Creme Caramel, Pink Champagne, Plum Sorbet, Rose Hip Red and Soft Cashmere.

Details: AU $18.95 from MeMeMe Cosmetics

Single sweep swatch on arm in natural light

Single sweep swatch on arm with flash

Had you heard of MeMeMe Cosmetics before? Do you think you will try them? Let me know by commenting below!



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