ModelCo Cruelty-Free Certified

China isn’t going to steal all the cruelty-free glory this week. One of Australia’s home-grown power brands has just been given their badge of honour from PETA. We are so happy to share the news with you. ModelCo are now certified cruelty-free!

For those who aren’t familiar with ModelCo, they’re an Australian cosmetic brand that first became famous for innovative beauty solutions. Airbrush Tan in a Can shot them to global notoriety and their products are now stocked all over the world. Their pink and white packaging is a favourite of mine but lately they have been upping their packaging game to include more chic shapes and styles, like their square-shaped glass bottle nail polishes and the Party Proof lipsticks in sleek white cases with in-built mirrors.

ModelCo certified cruelty free

With this news in mind I questioned the brand for further information about their ingredients and formulations. I’m happy to report that the entire brand is vegetarian and they have a number of vegan products in the range.

Vegan Cosmetics

Vegan Skincare

Vegan Tanning

I’ve also requested a list of the products that are palm oil free, so as soon as that comes through I will be sharing it.

Stockist Details

Australia – ModelCo, Adore Beauty, Priceline and David Jones

USA – NastyGalBeauty Bridge and Urban Outfitters

UK – Birchbox

Have you heard of ModelCo before? Does this news change your buying habits? Let me know by commenting below!

ModelCo are certified cruelty-free by All their products are vegetarian and select items are vegan. (refer to individual product ingredients).

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