I realise I have been talking about my trip to Las Vegas so much on Twitter and have barely mentioned it on my own blog, but that was for a good reason (I think). There were so many great things that happened in Vegas that I just didn’t know where to start. Plus, my blog is all about Beauty and I didn’t want to write about something that wasn’t Beauty. Did that make sense? Well anyway, I have finally decided to write something because I think I can’t move forward until I share with you this great experience.

My trip to Las Vegas was brief but jam packed. The whole purpose of me going was to attend the BlogWorld New Media Expo which in layman’s terms is a Blogging Convention (but really so much more). I know what you’re thinking, you thought Sci-Fi-Con was the dorkiest convention in existence. Well you thought right because BlogWorld is the most amazing expo I have ever been to. It was not dorky at all! I would say a tad geeky. Ok I don’t know what the difference is between dorky or geeky but to me geek sounds less offensive.

BlogWorld far outweighed any expo I have been to so far. It beat Hair Expo hands down, and the assortment of Beauty expos I schlep to each year. I am probably being a tad dramatic but I just want to portray how much I enjoyed the expo. I will stop with the carrying-on.

I had the privilege of attending BlogWorld with the beautiful Helen from Sassybella and Bree from The Blog Stylist, two of the most wise people you can know in the blogging universe. It was great having someone there I knew because I honestly was a tad scared. Of course I have travelled overseas by myself before, and even been to conferences in a foreign country (it was about Genealogy and it was in Canada, but it still counts!) but there was something about this trip that made me overly nervous.

The convention went for 3 days and it was full of back-to-back seminars that completely overwhelmed me with knowledge. My hands still have cramps from taking notes, guess I should have used the trusty laptop. The exhibition part of the convention was great and had everything from Wiley with their ‘For Dummies‘ series, Tungle.me showing of their genius FREE scheduling software and Kodak let people play with their cool handheld video gadgets. I really want a handheld video camera now. Anyone feel like buying me a present?

So what does this mean for ThePlasticDiaries.com? Well, a lot! I have a massive To-Do list that I am trying to work my way through as we speak. This may mean I blog a little less frequently but as a wise man once said at BlogWorld “Only blog when you have something to say”. That came from UnMarketing genius Scott Stratten (he is amazing!).

I would have to say the most important thing I learnt at BlogWorld is to listen to my readers. That’s you!! So don’t be afraid to tell me what you like, what you hate, what you want more of, what your dog ate for breakfast, etc. I want to hear it all.

Now that I got BlogWorld off my best I can get into the juicy beauty stuff I came across. Of course I already released the biggest news of all a little while ago, but if you missed it click here NOW. Stay tuned for upcoming posts including my beauty purchases and my mini-makeover by a celebrity makeup guru!

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