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Since undertaking a vegan lifestyle (did you miss that announcement?) I have pretty much been exclusively reading cruelty free and vegan-friendly blogs. I have lots of old favourites but also discovered some great new ones too. Today I am going to share with you my list of must-read blogs from people who have compassion for animals. I bet some of them you would never know are cruelty-free and I am sure you will have read some of these before, if not religiously. 

Logical Harmony

Tashina’s blog, Logical Harmony, is an animal-friendly blog talking about fashion, lifestyle and beauty. The Cruelty Free & Vegan Brand List is a constant resource for me when shopping and I love how much time and research she puts in to creating her list. Other lists included are Brands To Avoid and other animal-friendly lists. Most recently Tashina has been trying to tackle the complicated outcomes of the recent EU ban on animal testing and so far she is doing a great job!

My Beauty Bunny

Jen and her team at My Beauty Bunny have probably the most well-known cruelty free beauty blog in all the lands. This was the first cruelty free blog I had ever read and for many months I didn’t even realise it was cruelty free, I just loved the posts and all the products I had/hadn’t heard of. There is always something new to discover and everything they cover is 100% cruelty free. Jen isn’t vegan herself but she has a vegan section on the blog and I find it very helpful.

The Veggie Mama

I am already an awful cook, and by that I mean I cannot cook at all, so when I decided vegan was the lifestyle for me I started to look for vegetarian and vegan food blogs. One I had come across a long time ago was The Veggie Mama, but at the time I was being naughty and eating meat so I pushed it aside. Since rediscovering it I do not know how I lived without Stacey and her sharp wit. Aside from fabulous and EASY vegetarian recipes (which I can easily make vegan), Stacey is entertaining with her approach to life and I never finish reading one of her posts and think “that was a waste of time”.


The lovely Courtney from Phyrra has guest posted on The Plastic Diaries a couple of times and you all seem to enjoy her posts as much as I do, so naturally her blog is just as enjoyable. The thing I love most about Phyrra is that there is no shortage of colour. In fact, I think it is the most colourful blog on the internet. Cruelty free, vegan, animal-friendly …. they are all words that are often associated with boring earth-tones and neutrals but Courtney proves sceptics wrong. She is also an expert in Indie cosmetics and I love that she is supporting the little guys, something I hope to undertake more with on The Plastic Diaries.

Moxie Reviews

The name really does say it all. Moxie Reviews is written by Moxie and she shares amazingly detailed reviews of cruelty free beauty products. I love how much effort goes into the posts and you really feel like you know the product inside & out by the time you reach the end. There are lots of giveaways too and I think winning products is always a great way to discover something new.


Angela is a veteran vegan (18 years and counting) and currently resides in Toronto (one of my favourite cities) but previously lived in Sydney (my home town). Vegangela is my favourite vegan food blog so far because there are lots of recipes for any occasion, craving or situation but also because they are very easy. The first vegan recipe we ever cooked at home was this Mexican Casserole and I think it really opened my eyes to how amazing vegan food can be. Her photos are beautiful and clear, and the instructions are easy to read and understand which is important for a crappy cook like me. Other topics include her travels as a vegan and dining out, all of which are still great interests of mine and scared to do since becoming vegan.

Do you have a favourite cruelty free, vegan and/or animal-friendly blog? I would love to read them too. Let me know by commenting below!


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