Oh, shower gels. Will I ever get bored of trying new shower gels? Ummm, no. Because if I stopped trying new ones, I would never find the golden picks just like I did with this one.

Rainbath from Neutrogena is probably one of those shower gels I would look at in my chemist or supermarket and easily dismiss. It isn’t pink, or girly, or have pictures of yummy fruit on the front, all of which usually grab my eye and end up in my shopping basket. However, if you are a regular reader, you would know that girly scents aren’t exactly something I run for. I love masculine scents … and no, not just on males. I like to wear them. Don’t ask me why. I am weird. We all know that. And I know that not everyone out there likes girly stuff.

I have received a few comments from friends about products such as Shampoo, Conditioner and Shower/Bath Wash. It would seem there are many people out there who have 1 product for the household to share. Whether it be for economic reasons, or they just have a partner who insists on using your things despite the fact you bought him his own. This is where Unisex products come into play!

What I Say ….

  • The packaging is effective, simple and aesthetically pleasing. A uniquely shaped, hard plastic bottle with a large, flat black hand pump.
  • The pump pack is exactly what I like for products that remain in a wet environment, such as a shower. It means the contents are within easy reach but stay completely free from contamination. This one in particular is easy to use and you don’t have to pump it a million times to get any out.
  • Explaining the actual scent is difficult. If I were to imagine what having a shower in the middle of a secluded, far north Queensland rainforest were to smell like, I would guess it would smell the same as Rainbath.
  • The fragrance is bold, manly and just soooooo refreshing. I really can’t explain it. It lingers at first but then I have to stick my nose to my freshly cleansed arm so I can keep sniffing that amazing scent.
  • The gel formula is hard on dirt and really leaves my skin feeling clean, but at the same time it is lightweight in that it doesn’t foam up like crazy (just the right amount) and it washes of without any effort.
  • Yes, I do feel really clean afterwards but no, it isn’t drying. Plus, my itchy skin has had no reaction whatsoever.

This shower gel gets my Feel Good Reward. It smells ahhhh-mazing. I truly wish it came in an Eau De Parfume, that is how much I like it.

If you want a body wash that both you and your man can use, without him smelling like a blueberry or you smelling like an old man, then this is the one for you!

What Neutrogena Say ….

Cleanses, softens and conditions skin with a unique fragrance of spices, fruits and herbs. Neutrogena Rainbath Refreshing Shower and Bath Gel provides a clean, fresh burst that awakens the senses and refreshes the entire body. The rich conditioning lather leaves skin in better condition. Rinses clean without any heavy residue.


Pack size 250mL

AU $12.99 rrp from leading supermarkets, variety stores and pharmacies. Phone 1800 678 380 for your nearest stockist.

US $7.99 rrp from Neutrogena online, Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS Pharmacy, Target and more stockists

UK £10.62 from Amazon


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