Oral-B Pro-Health toothpaste

The Oral-B Pro-Health toothpaste has been dubbed a revolutionary dental product by those in the know, but let’s face it, all we care about is if it works and if it tastes ok. Fancy shmancy technology? It definitely has that but I was skeptical that this toothpaste was really going to live up to all the hype. Credited as an all-in-one toothpaste, it claims to address all areas of dental concern rather than just picking one like other toothpastes. Cavities, gingivitis, plaque, sensitivity, enamel, tartar, whitening and breath – all round protection available in two flavours, Clean Mint and Fresh Mint. After using the Clean Mint toothpaste for the past few months I am ready give my final judgement and I think if you have teeth you will want to read this review. 

My Review

  • Firstly, the Clean Mint taste is on par with most gel mint toothpastes. It is strong but not overpowering and most of the taste is gone after rinsing so you are left with just a small amount to feel freshly clean.
  • Something you will instantly notice when you put this toothpaste in your mouth is tiny crystal particles that crunch if you bite down. This is one of the unique differences between other toothpastes and this one, because those crystals are like microscopic exfoliants for your teeth. Now don’t panic, they aren’t abrasive and they breakdown very quickly with brushing so it isn’t actually like a mouth full of sand. It is weird the first few times you use it but now it feels like I am addicted to that crunch. The first few weeks I couldn’t wait to brush my teeth. It made things a little different and the results were obvious.
  • Yes, I just said it, results were obvious. Instantly after brushing my teeth have never felt cleaner. Corners and crevices I usually need to thrash with floss were clean. The small amount of yellow staining I appeared to have obtained was fading after just a couple of weeks. And the strangest thing was by the afternoon I could still feel my teeth were clean, like they had some weird barrier protection going on.
  • I am usually a devoted Sensodyne user because my gum line has exposed nerves which is possibly the most extreme of sensitivities. Previously only Sensodyne has been able to cut out the pain 100% while other brands’ sensitive toothpaste only came in at 50%. Pro-Health is the first non-Sensodyne toothpaste to cut out my sensitivity 100% even with just brushing once per day (yes, bad, I know but it was purely for testing purposes!).
  • I would usually not be able to use a toothpaste with a whitening aspect because it commonly contradicts the sensitive protection, however this toothpaste obviously works differently because I am noticing an improvement in my teeth colour. I feel the use of physical exfoliants is making a difference over regular chemical ones, similar to how we use exfoliants on our skin.
  • I cannot comment on how this toothpaste performs for preventing holes or other painful dental afflictions but I do believe a thoroughly clean mouth is the best prevention of all and this toothpaste gives me piece of mind because my mouth does feel really clean after using.

What Oral-B say ….

Oral-B Pro-Health toothpaste is a teeth cleaning paste that provides oral health and whitening benefits. Featuring the powerful ingredients of stannous fluoride and sodium polymetaphosphate, the toothpaste maintains healthy gums and fresh breath, whitens teeth, controls cavities and prevents the formation of plaque, tartar and teeth sensitivity.

Stockist Details

Australia $4.99 from pharmacies and supermarkets.

USA $3.99 from Drugstore.com and Walgreens (under Crest brand)

UK £3.49 from Boots

Do you use a specialty toothpaste? Do you have a problem with teeth sensitivity? Let me know by commenting below.

Oral-B Pro-Health toothpaste

Oral-B Pro-Health toothpaste

According to PETA.org, Oral-B/Crest (parent company Proctor & Gamble (P&G)) do test on animals. Click through to read P&G’s official statement regarding animal testing.

Active Ingredients: Stannous fluoride 0.454%w/w, Sodium fluoride 0.078%w/w

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