In some circles, Pantene is a dirty word. When I worked in my local hair dressing salon as a teenager I was always told that Pantene was the devil. I was lead to believe that all the things I hate about my hair are because I used Pantene. I have now learnt that is completely false but I still found myself not using Pantene very often. Why? Because it was just too heavy.

I have really fine, straight-ish, fly-away hair so that means it gets oily pretty quick and it always lacks volume. Whenever I used Pantene, my hair would just become weighed down. I loved the silky soft feel but it wasn’t worth it to have to wash my hair everyday.

The new Aqua Light range from Pantene has been launched for people exactly like me. Fine-haired lasses step forward. We have a saviour.

A new look for Pantene’s latest release

What I Say ….

  • Easily the first thing I notice is the fragrance. It is a more subtle version of the signature Pantene scent that I used to love so much, and still do.
  • The packaging is spot on. The shampoo is clear and the water-like images with bubbles on the labels add to the light feel.
  • The shampoo lathers beautifully and the conditioner is creamy but not thick. During use, it feels like every other Pantene formulation but it is the results that really set it apart.
  • Drying my hair took noticeably less time with a blow dryer and when left to air dry. It also didn’t have that “oh-no-I-didn’t-wash-the-conditioner-out-properly” feeling I used to get with Pantene.
  • My hair didn’t feel dry or wiry at all. That was something I did fear because ‘lightweight’ formulas usually do that to me, but not the case with this one.
  • This may sound disgusting but I put it to the test to see how long one good blowdry would last after using these products. The result …. 5 days! That is huge for me as I wouldn’t get more than 2.5 days normally. At the end of the 5 days it wasn’t oily or anything, it was just messy and you could tell it needed a wash, but I do wonder how long I could have continued!
  • Even though I have fine hair, I actually noticed my hair feeling lighter than usual. It is hard to explain but it felt like there was less ‘tugging’ on my roots.

The only thing left to say on this is that Aqua Light is the most exciting thing to happen to my hair since hair feathers (a full-on post still to come on that one. I am waiting to see when they will fall out!).

Before my Pantene Aqua Light hair makeover

The after shot

My Pantene TV Commercial

All my life I wanted to be a Pantene girl. I used to watch their TV commercials of models swisshing their hair and then run to my mirror to try copy them. My dream became a reality just a few weeks ago when I was lucky enough to have the very hunky friendly Barney Martin give me swish-worthy hair. With my new hair in tow I got to make my very own Aqua Light TVC. Do you want to see it?

THE Barney Martin washed my hair

Before you check out my Pantene Aqua Light TVC, let me just say that it is a fine art NOT to pull faces when swishing your hair at great speed. I am mortified by how my face appears in slow motion. Those real Pantene models are extremely talented.

I was also treated to a little lesson on how to take a proper headshot. I personally don’t think the final result looks like me (does my mouth look weird to you?) but I do think my hair looks good!

My professional headshot … what do you think?

Swish To Win Competition

Do you want to make your own Pantene TVC? Do you want to win $10,000? Well I do, so I entered Pantene’s latest competition. All you have to do is take a quick video of you swishing your hair, and upload it to their website. You can view my attempt here for some inspiration (and more face pulling). If you feel like it, why not hit the ‘Like’ button. I will be your best friend!

What Pantene Say ….

Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light Shampoo has zero residues and zero weight, leaving you with nourished hair. The formula hydrates the hair and leaves it fresh without feeling weighed down or looking flat.  The clean-rinse technology delivers hydration and rinses clean. It removes traces of excess residue and preps the hair for the super-light conditioner. Free from silicones.

Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light Conditioner washes out up to nine times faster than some other lightweight conditioners, minimising the risk of leaving a residue that can weigh the hair down. The formula hydrates the hair and leaves it fresh without feeling weighed down or looking flat.  The clean-rinse technology delivers hydration and rinses clean. It removes traces of excess residue.

Pantene’s Expert Panel (L-R): Barney Martin, Belinda Jeffrey and Zoe Foster


AU $11.39 each (500mL) from supermarkets and pharmacies.

US – Not available at this time

UK £4.69 each from Boots


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