Pure Hydrating Heat Activated Styling Cream

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying some new hair tools of late but I know how important it is to use a heat protection product on my fine hair. The recent increase in heat styling has been causing a little extra unwanted frizz so I’ve been playing with anti-frizz products to see what will do the trick. I’ve realised that using a heat protection product as well as a separate anti-frizz product is a little too heavy for my hair at the moment so I moved to trying all-in-one products.

Hot Potion by Pure is a heat activated styling cream that promised to hydrate the hair as well as eliminate frizz, protect colour and defend against UV, thermal heat and humidity. Was this the hair solution I was looking for? My review reveals the answer. 

My Review

  • It’s packaged in a tall tube with a flip open cap. The tube is made from a soft, easy-to-squeeze plastic and the lid snaps closed securely. It feels like quality packaging and I love the gorgeous green hue.
  • The white creamy formula doesn’t run or drip, so you can easily scrunch the product into your hair (as per the instructions) without applying too much to one spot.
  • You can apply it to damp or dry hair. I found it worked into my hair better when damp. When applied to dry hair it was more difficult to scrunch in evenly (as it does with any product in dry hair) but it didn’t dry to leave crunchy bits or flakes. I found the result was more effective when applied in damp hair then dried.
  • Whether I blow-dry my hair dry or let it air dry the results are almost identical. I found with blowdrying my hair was slightly less frizzy than air drying but they were equal on how smooth and soft my hair felt. The results were long lasting, giving me about a day and a half before I felt like I needed to use another anti-frizz product.
  • My hair does almost instantly hydrated after using this product. I have very dry ends but I saw an improvement each time I used this product. My hair also felt stronger and it would break less during brushing.
  • I don’t have enough colour in my hair at the moment to comment on how effective this product is at protecting colour.
  • There is a lovely salon-like scent from this product and it leaves my hair smelling lovely throughout the day. The fragrance is noted on the packaging as being allergen free, but I do recommend taking caution if you are highly sensitive to fragrance as you really can’t be sure until you smell it.
  • All the plant extracts in the product are labelled organic however there is no certification included.
  • I like that the product is free from sulphates, parabens and silicones. I find the absence of silicones particularly impressive because the smooth feeling I get is often something I only feel when using a product containing silicone.

What Pure say ….

Pure hot potion hydrating heat activated styling cream for all dry, stressed hair types. Hydrating style control for more touchable, softer,smoother,more silky flowing hair. Speeds up drying time, increases humidity resistance for lasting protection against frizz. Exclusive Pure complex™ (100% organic extracts) rejuvenates and restores healthy moisture balance to hair and scalp.

Stockist Details

Australia $28.95 from RY, Price Attack and selected salons. Contact Hairjamm to locate a stockist.

USA & UK – Unavailable at time of publishing. Search eBay or Amazon for sellers.

What do you use for heat styling? Is frizzy hair a problem for you:? Let me know by commenting below!

Pure Hydrating Heat Activated Styling Cream

Pure’s own claim as published on their product packaging is “not tested on animals”, however they aren’t certified by any official cruelty-free organisation.

The use of animal ingredients and/or bi-products is not mentioned – refer to individual product listing. Their website does not mention their policies.

Ingredients list is unavailable at time of publishing.

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