Jamie Kern Lima It Cosmetics
I promised you more scoops on Sephora Australia and I’m about to deliver another one. While I was attending the exclusive Sephora Australia preview showcase I grabbed the Jamie Kern Lima, the co-founder of It Cosmetics, for an exclusive chat. Naturally, I had to film it so you could hear firsthand the information I got out of her. 

Who is Jamie Kern Lima?

As you know, IT Cosmetics is one of my favourite beauty brands from the USA and their arrival in Australia has me jumping for joy. If you aren’t a massive beauty nerd (like me) who stalks every beauty blog and beauty retailer, you may not have heard of Jamie and IT Cosmetics. Here is what you need to know.

Prior to launching IT Cosmetics, Jamie spent several years as an award-winning tv news anchor, but what nobody knew was that she had a secret. Jamie suffered from hyperpigmentation along with the skin condition rosacea; a common but poorly understood problem that results in facial redness, bumps and blemishes. Each morning she spent hours applying makeup to hide her rosacea and never quite felt like her best. As a reporter and avid researcher, she devoted herself to finding the best cosmetic and skin care products out there, and when she couldn’t find them, she partnered with plastic surgeons and dermatologists and she created IT Cosmetics.

Jamie Kern Lima It Cosmetics

Jamie Kern Lima

Now at IT Cosmetics she works hand-in-hand with her team of experts, and travels the world to create innovative products that truly solve problems and give women beauty solutions to improve their lives and make them feel their most beautiful! From the biggest celebrities to the most elite beautify editors, IT Cosmetics has become a beauty bag must-have, and has received multiple industry awards plus more than 200 press placements this year alone. IT Cosmetics has also achieved great success on both QVC and The Shopping Channel Canada. Jamie has made more than 600 appearances on QVC in the past 4 years where she bravely reveals her personal beauty issues and goes on air bare-faced to show the power of IT Cosmetics products in live demonstrations.

“At IT Cosmetics we believe great makeup can give you great skin and I pour my heart and soul into creating innovative problem solving products! Even if you have problem skin like I do, these products will make you look and feel your most beautiful. As a sufferer of rosacea, every product I tried (and I tried them all!) either wouldn’t cover everything or would crease and crack and make me look 10 years older! That is when I knew there had to be a better way! At IT Cosmetics we work with plastic surgeons to infuse cutting-edge, anti-aging technology into truly innovative, high-performance products designed to give you your most beautiful skin ever. The awards and accolades we’ve received are exciting but the most rewarding thing in the world is when I hear from you and that when you wear IT Cosmetics, you get compliments on your skin, not on your makeup. Giving you innovative products that truly give you your most beautiful skin … that is why I live and breathe.”

I must thank Jamie for letting me quiz her and my gal SASSYBELLA for filming it.

Have you tried IT Cosmetics? Are you looking forward to their arrival in Sephora Australia? Let me know by commenting below! 

It Cosmetics is certified cruelty-free by PETA.org. Some products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, refer to individual product ingredients list.

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