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WE HAVE IT! All the details you need to know about Sephora Australia’s first day of trading in Sydney. Doors will fly open on Friday, December 5, 2014 but there are some exciting things happening in the lead up. Get the details below and put it your diary. 

Lead Up

A giant alarm clock installed on the Pitt St Mall store front on Thursday 27 November, counting down the week before doors finally open on 5th December.

Obviously the keenest Sephora customers are expected to line up days ahead of the official opening, myself included, so it’s music to my ears that Sephora have some “very special activities” planned to acknowledge the dedication of its biggest fans. That’s me. I’m it. No pushing!


On Friday 28, Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 November between 11AM and 2PM, Sephora brand ambassadors will be outside the store issuing ‘Sephora Survival Kits’ containing goodies including Sephora eye-shades, mirrors and sunglasses, along with details of an exciting ‘Sephora Sleepover’ competition. This offers four lucky winners and their ‘BFFs’ an exclusive and luxurious overnight ‘pamper experience’ and the opportunity to be first in store on opening day.

That’s from the official press release. Please, dear lord, if one of you win you have to take me with you. HAVE TO!

Opening Day

Launch day festivities will commence at 8am on Friday 5 December. Music, entertainment, giveaways and more will ensure the committed customers will discover that a Sephora queue is quite unlike any other!

Is anyone else going to pee with excitement at reading this? Like honestly, I should probably go to the bathroom right now but there’s more …..

Finally – at exactly midday – the countdown clock will hit zero, celebrations will begin and doors to the inaugural Sephora Australia store will open for the very first time!

If you haven’t already seen the Sephora Australia brands list or caught up on the important details about Sephora’s Australian launch, make sure you read up before opening day!

Will you be joining me in the queue for opening day? How does this news make you feel? Let me know by commenting below!

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