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Writing that headline made me feel both sick and excited. Sick? What the? Well, if you have been following this blog for longer than a minute you will have probably seen me write about the ongoing rumors of Sephora’s plan to enter the Australian market. It’s spread like wildfire at least once per year for the last 5 years, but now in 2014 it’s no longer just a rumor. Sephora have released an official statement to confirm they will be opening a store in Sydney, Australia.

I would love to ramble on about the history behind past rumors and why I was so skeptical about sharing this news until a press release hit my inbox, but i’ve realised that will do no good. I could also talk about how Sephora earlier this year led Australian’s to believe they would be shipping to Australia from Again, no point rehashing. However, now that the news officially broken that Sephora will indeed be opening a store in Australia I’d like us to take a quick bullet point look over what we do and don’t know … so far. 

The Facts

  • The first Sephora Australia store will be the flagship at Westfield Sydney.
  • The store is scheduled to open in December 2014.
  • Brands who will be taking up shelf space are Sephora Collection, Marc Jacobs Beauty, Tarte, Kat Von D, MAKE UP FOR EVER, Andre Fullerton, Boscia, Skin Inc, For Beloved One, Formula X, Wen and Percy & Reed.
  • The store design will reflect the other flagships in Paris, New York, Milan and Dubai.
  • Tarazz is no longer stocking Sephora products. Previously advised Australian customers to shop via Tarazz for selected items, including Sephora Collection and other house brands, and Urban Decay. The Sephora section of Tarazz has now been taken down.
Sephora Collection

Sephora Collection

Yet To Be Confirmed

I’ve spoken with Sephora’s Australian publicity representatives to try get some answers to the questions that are troubling us most. Unfortunately the response is the same across the board … yet to be confirmed. Here’s what we are waiting to find out.

  • It’s unknown if the Sephora Beauty Insider program will be offered in Australia.
  • Urban Decay may or may not have signed on to be stocked at Sephora Australia.
  • No indication of pricing has been given, not to any publication. Disregard all “reports” stating anything about prices being on par or more expensive than the USA.
Sephora Collection

Sephora Collection


Now’s the fun part. As someone who has been shopping at Sephora religiously for over 10 years I feel I have a pretty strong understanding of the brand. For this reason, and because I love to talk things out, I thought we should put in writing what we all think will happen when Sephora hits our shores. Feel free to join in on the conversation in the comments section below!

Remember, this is purely speculation about what I think will occur.

  • Prices on brands already available in/to Australia will remain on par with local department stores. Fragrances and big cosmetic houses usually work at a blanket RRP and Sephora have stuck to this model in other countries. Sephora tend to offer the same price points as their competition but give added value with samples, gifts and excellent customer service.
  • Prices on brands that are not yet available to Australia will be only marginally dearer than the USA. I believe Sephora will take minimal profit from these brands purely to get the foot traffic in (which won’t be hard at first but they need to keep people coming long after the initial buzz) and use it as an opportunity to prove their strength in added value.
  • The success of the Sydney flagship will dictate how quickly they roll out to other cities. The competition between Sydney and Melbourne is fierce when it comes to who gets the first store. I don’t think Melbourne will necessarily get the second store right away without clear proof that the Sydney store is going to do well long after the buzz wears off.
  • Purely based on the incident of Sephora shipping to Australia, I do believe international shipping will be made available from I have a feeling that what happened a few months ago was actually just a sneak peek into what will occur after the Australian store opens.  Perhaps it was a programming error that was not meant to go live with the rest of the other countries.
Sephora Collection

Sephora Collection

Plan Your Purchases

When the day arrives that Sephora swings open their doors I’m sure we will all run in madness to grab anything we can get our hands on. If you rather be methodical and plan your purchases, check out my Sephora favourites page.

Will you be shopping at Sephora Australia? Do you have any speculation to add to my points? Let me know by commenting below!

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