I don’t know of any other store that has so much power that one of the biggest names in Nail Polish makes a dedicated range just for them. Of course I am talking about the Sephora by OPI range and it is a collaboration that has been equally successful for both parties. The range is huge and includes everything from Nail Colours, Nail & Hand Care, Tools and even stick-on prints. The colour range includes everything in the known spectrum and I did attempt to count how many but I stopped at 50. I am way to impatient for that!

On my first stop to Sephora when I hit up New York just last month I knew I had to get some of these babies but after spending 30 minutes staring at the colour range I decided to pick up the brand new, limited edition and exclusive Rocker Chic Minis Collection. As a lover of dramatic nail colours this kit suited me perfecting. The shades include Fiercely Fabulous, Just a Little Dangerous, Already Famous and Go My Own Way. I think this range was actually named after me.

Fiercely Fabulous is similar to a Red Apple. Just a Little Dangerous is like dark Purple patent leather. Already Famous polish is Taupe with a load of fine shimmer which goes on pretty light so I needed 3 coats of this one. Go My Own Way, a dark Teal with a little bit of shimmer that reflects in the light. All perfect for when your on stage and rocking out, or I guess in the audience at a concert is also acceptable.

The Sephora by OPI formula is the exact same as regular OPI and the prices are almost the same so the point of difference comes down to the convenience of picking up awesome OPI polishes while you are buying everything else you could possibly need in Sephora. I don’t exactly understand why Sephora just doesn’t stock the regular OPI products but I put it down to that you can purchase OPI almost EVERYWHERE in the US and Sephora, being the powerhouse that it is can demand its own exclusive products. Either way, I am happy because the Sephora by OPI range just adds even more beautiful colours to the ever expanding OPI spectrum.


US $18

The Rocker Chic Minis Collection is available exclusively at Sephora for a limited time. Sephora don’t ship internationally (boooooo!) but check out the Sephora by OPI collection online and get someone to pick some up for you!

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