Lucky last we have Dazzlesphere! If you are already drooling after seeing Glitter & Ice and Ice Parade, grab a bib because you will be tempted one last time.

I have to admit these are probably my favourite. I am a sucker for mini’s almost as much as I am a sucker for combining decoration with cosmetics. The only thing that upsets me is that I don’t get to celebrate Christmas so I don’t get a pretty tree to hang them on. Woe is me, please send sympathy.

I will share with you individual images and more details very soon. For now, enjoy this snippet.

NOTE: Click the images to enlarge. All listings are Left to Right below the image.


Dress up your tree with these gorgeous M.A.C filled ornaments. Each kit contains four items.


Mini Gloss Kit: Neutral, Coral and Pink
Crushed Metallics Pigment Kits: Smoky Blue, Plum and Smoky Berry
Mini Nail Lacquer Kit: Petite Nail Lacquer Ornament


AU $65 rrp each – Available from November 2011 online and in store.

USA / UK – At this time I do not know USA and UK prices. If you know, please leave a comment below!

What do you think of these christmas ornaments? Is there something you wish was added to the selection? Let me know by commenting below!

These make me wish I celebrated Christmas 🙁


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