I have been bursting at the seams to show you these VEGAN nail lacquers! You all know I love Pink. If you didn’t, now you do. Glitter nail polish is something I have only recently become infatuated with. Previously, it interested me, but I was no where near as in love with it as I am now. Of all the glitter polishes in the world at the moment, these three from SpaRitual have excited me the most (well, ok, in the last couple months that is).

SpaRitual is a brand I was completely unfamiliar with. I guess this post could also come under the series of Welcome To My Beauty Cupboard, because until recently, I had never tried nor owned their products. I came across them at Cosmoprof North America this year and was surprised to learn that SpaRitual was created by Shel Pink, the daughter of Jeff Pink (meet him here), creator of ORLY International.

After sharing with you two posts on awesome 2011 Breast Cancer Awareness / Pink Ribbon beauty products, I decided to dedicate an entire post just to these releases from SpaRitual. The collection is called ‘In Pink’ and contains three very special nail polishes with touching names.





The purple-pink base is loaded with golden-pink shimmer that creates an almost duochrome effect. Some would say this is a glitter, but the flecks are so fine I would say it is a micro-glitter at best. Depending on the light, you can get a whole range of colours from this one lacquer, including bronze, purple, gold, rose pink and so much more.

Opaque in two thin-medium coats with minor shimmer fall-out.

Strength Nail Swatches



Probably the ‘simplest’ of the collection but still an extremely pretty one. Thin, round-shaped Pink glitter in a clear base of thin to medium coverage. If you like glitters, you will love this because when it is packed on for opaque coverage, it looks beautiful, almost like a foil but denser. Otherwise, it makes for a cute one-coat top coat over a coloured polish.

My swatch is two thin-medium coats and there it is far from covered. I would say this needs a few more thin coats or at least 2-3 more thick coats to get coverage.

Clarity Nail Swatches



This one is my favourite! As soon as I saw this one sitting on a display under a shiny light I knew it would be my most loved. Again it is a glitter, but this one is loaded with pink micro-glitter in a clear base, and has extra bits of silver holographic specks mixed in. The effect is really textured but not clumpy on the nail. It also has a foil like finish but the holo specks break it up with a multi-colour glisten in the light. Very very pretty!

Swatches are with 2 thin coats but I think 3 thin coats would have looked better, however you still could see nail line in bright light. If you like a really opaque look 2-3 thick coats would be all you need.

Knowledge Nail Swatches


What I Say ….

My thoughts on the collection as a whole

  • The colours are beautiful, the names are meaningful and I think this is truly a Breast Cancer Awareness collection that hits home a little more when you wear it. I do feel a little empowered when I am wearing Knowledge!
  • The lacquers are so smooth and easy to use. I would have never guessed that VEGAN nail polish could be so amazing. I am tempted to ditch all other polish knowing that these babies didn’t hurt a fly in their making.
  • The Plum Cap, SpaRitual’s trademark bottle toppers, are great. They fit in my small fingers perfectly, the brush isn’t too thick nor wide so you can get good control and the grip of the lid means there are no slip-ups.

What SpaRitual Say ….

SpaRitual is pleased to introduce In Pink 2011, a new line of nail lacquers inspired by the beauty, strength and perseverance inherent to women. The lacquers are formulated with sparkling Pink Diamond powder, which shimmers on the nail, representing the knowledge and clarity women possess. In celebration of this beauty and strength, 20% of all proceeds will be donated to Cancer Schmancer, an early detection education and cancer advocacy program developed by actress Fran Drescher, to help women experiencing any stage of cancer, and to help beat it before it begins.

“The In Pink collection represents a reverence for the strength and personal power that all women possess,” says SpaRitual founder Shel Pink. “We’re so pleased to be involved with Cancer Schmancer, and to support the foundation’s efforts to help women fight cancer—before it progresses.”


20% of all proceeds will go to Cancer Schmancer

AU – Availability unknown. Tried contacting Australian distributor multiple times but have received no response. Visit the SpaRitual Australian website for contact information.

US $10 each from Dermstore.comDrugstore.com and selected local retailers. Find a retailer near you on the SpaRitual official website

For more information on SpaRitual or these new releases, visit the SpaRitual official website.


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