Most of us, if not all of us, would have at least one friend/co-worker/associate that we think are just so stunning you want to strap them to a chair and interrogate until you know all their beauty secrets. Ok maybe interrogation is taking it a bit far, but the point is that they are naturally gorgeous and you want in! In my case, I know lots of those people. Of course all of my friends are beautiful in their own ways and I love them to bits, but I am talking about those people who you see and instantly think ‘WOW, she must be a model’, or the toned 20-something bikini babe you see on the beach who is actually 45 years old. I believe good genes can only take you so far, you must look after yourself in some way to stay on the good side of youthfulness.

Having thought about those people in my life, I thought there would be nothing better than to share with you what they use to keep their looks in check. First up is a wonderful lady I used to work with, we shall name her J-Lo.

J-Lo: Having a laugh and watching the scenery

Q: What do you do to look after your skin? What products do you use?

A: For my face I have a regular routine that I try to stick to 90% of the time. I use products for cleansing, exfoliating, toning, smooth serum, eye cream & moisturising (day and night variants).

For my body I love a really gritty/grainy exfoliator once a week (L’Oreal Exfotonic is GREAT but I can’t seem to locate it anymore, have moved to a Garnier version)

Q: How old were you when you started to wear make-up?

A: I was around 14 when I started experimenting with Mum’s… and around 16 when I got involved with my own products.

Q: Favourite make-up brand at the moment?

A: Has to be Biotherm overall but I wear

  • Foundation – Biotherm Long Wear Detox
  • Eyeshadows, Eyeliner, Brow Pencil – Revlon
  • Lashes – CoverGirl Lash Blast
  • Lips – CoverGirl WetSlicks Fruit Spritzer (It’s really affordable, great colour/shine and I find it’s a nice understated tone for work)
  • Blush – Revlon Colour Stay Minerals

Q: Where do you buy your products?

A: Most of my products are Biotherm. They are expensive, but they are really good quality – they last long and there’s a great points redemption program (basically every 5th bottle free). I usually buy at Myer so I can get Myer one points at the same time (I’m no loyalty card whore but I spend about $500 at the counter each quarter so try to make the most of it at Myer). They also give you heaps of samples. I’ve bought at which works pretty well… but for me, I purchase in big quantities just a few times a year – and there’s something nice about going to the department store as opposed to receiving a brown box at reception at work J. After going to the Myer counter regularly, the girls there know my name, they know I spend big and they provide great service and recommendations.

Q: Do/Have you ever used cosmetic enhancement? (e.g Injectables, Fillers, Surgery, etc)

A: No, I haven’t yet. But now that I’m 27, turning 28 – I’m certainly starting to look at options. It’s quite an overwhelming thing when you start looking at all the options. I think I’ll start with some peel’s (natural ones if I can) to put  a toe in the water.  I’m speaking with a friend who uses Botox, but I think I’m a 3-5 years away from being serious about that kind of treatment. In a way I think the technology is only going to get better and better, so if I hold out 18-24 months it might be worth my while.

Q: What hair products do you use?

A: I’m currently using an evo Shampoo and Conditioner called Gluttony … it came recommended from my salon.

I love Vivant Revitafoam for hair protection. Moroccan Oil for extra shine and smoothness. Finally Klorane Dry Shampoo (product of the decade if you ask me, especially brilliant for brunettes who don’t like to shampoo every single day which can be rough on your locks).

Q: What one tip would you like to pass on?

A: One of my tricks of the trade is a highlight light shadow on my brow bone at the ends of my brow – gives you a ‘woken up’ look every time.

A big thank-you to J-Lo for sharing her secrets!

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