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I believe things are more enjoyable when shared with someone so each week I will be sharing with you some great posts from blogs and websites.

I hope you enjoy this week’s links list. Feel free to share in the comments below any fabulous posts you have found during your web surfing. 

  • Stylehunter is once again keeping me up to date on the latest trends. This time it is Milkshake Pink, which is extra easy for me because I think I own everything in the world that is available in pink.
  • Everyones favourite hair tutorial ebook author, Hair Romance, has stepped up in the world. Now she is a published author. Learn about her first book, The Hairstyle Directory, and get your copy!
  • I think Breakfast With Audrey has put a bug in my place because I have been discussing dramatic haircuts for a couple of weeks and voila, they have written a post that solves my issue.

What have you seen online this week that was great? Let me know by commenting below!

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