How to prevent wrinkles

When I think of aging my first thought is of wrinkles. I believe I’ve taken care of my skin the best I can to prevent wrinkles as long as possible but the beauty industry is always changing, new innovations and discoveries are made everyday so perhaps I’m not as on top of it as I could be.

Before I get my first wrinkle, I want to know what I could be doing to prolong my youthful skin. I’m approaching 30 and this is the age majority of women will develop their first fine lines or wrinkles. If you are in the same situation I think these tips from anti-aging expert, Sia Hendry, will help us. 

1. Prevention is better than cure

Many people look to muscle relaxants when lines and wrinkles have already appeared. Waiting until lines form in the skin makes it far more difficult to smooth their appearance– however receiving muscle relaxant injections before wrinkles appear can help to prevent them from developing in the first place. Constant expression can cause a breakdown in collagen and elastin – think about the amount of times you raise your eyebrows, scowl, and squint throughout the day – these expressions are etching lines between the brows, forehead and can contribute towards crow’s feet.

2. Sun protection is key

We’ve heard it before but applying a sunscreen every day is crucial – many people forget that the sun is the quickest thing to age you. Even though we have hit the colder months, it doesn’t mean you can skimp on the sunscreen! Ensure that you apply a physical sunscreen every day, it is the most important thing you can do to prevent sun damage and skin cancer. Physical sunscreens reflect UV off the skin and don’t absorb into the skin at all- they are also less likely to cause irritation and should be worn on top of all your other skincare before you apply your makeup.

You by Sia Sunscreen

MINC Moisturising Zinc from You by Sia

3. Avoid gritty exfoliants

A very common misconception is that we should use rough, gritty exfoliating scrubs to maintain healthy skin. We’re all guilty of overzealous scrubbing in order to achieve that super smooth sensation, thinking we are doing out skin a favour. However, doing that is actually causing irritation and harming the epidermis – your first line of defence against free radical damage. The same goes for regular microdermabrasion treatments and chemical peels – it makes your skin photosensitive, welcoming in UV penetration – the number one cause of wrinkles and causes the skin to be more susceptible to UV damage. For gentle exfoliation opt for fruit based enzymes which will avoid irritating the epidermis.

4. Don’t spray perfume on your neck

Spraying perfume directly onto your skin is very dehydrating and can contribute towards pigmentation build up. Along with this, perfume has alcohol, causing the skin to become photosensitive, attracting the sun, amplifying its effect on the delicate neck area. This can lead to neck wrinkles and pigmentation. Instead, spray perfume onto your hair and clothes.

5. Check labels

Vitamins A, B, C and peptides are vital for skin health. Be sure to check ingredient lists to be sure they are in the correct and stable form best received by the skin. Also be sure your ingredient lists do not contain and nasties such as parabens, phthalates, chemical fragrances or preservatives.

Sia Hendry

Sia Hendry

About Sia Hendry

Sia Hendry is the founder and owner of Sydney’s leading chain of laser cosmetic clinics You by Sia and formulator of advanced cosmeceutical skincare range, You by Sia. Since opening its doors 8 years ago, her business has flourished with 5 successful You by Sia cosmetic clinics in Sydney’s East, North and the City. After working in cosmetic medical clinics, Sia left to advance her knowledge through studies at the Medical Aesthetics Institute in Melbourne. She decided to open her own cosmetic laser clinic, the first of which was in Bondi Junction, now the headquarters of her thriving chain of clinics.

Having worked the skin of thousands of women, Sia began to look more than skin deep in order to further enhance the success of her treatments. She discovered that skincare is most efficacious when it reaches the dermis. And so she established her core philosophy which remains the mainstay of her business philosophy today – ‘Caring for skin from the inside out’. From You by Sia’s signature treatments to her advanced pharmaceutical-grade You by Sia skincare range, Sia’s goal is to provides self-assurance one treatment at a time.Specialising in advanced Laser treatments, the clinics deliver laser skin rejuvenation targeting age-related pigmentation, acne scaring, rosacea, fine lines, wrinkles and other skin concerns.

Do you have wrinkles yet? What do you do to prevent or treat them? Let me know by commenting below!

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