I loveeeee travel. Even more than travel, I love hotels. Hotels are the best. All my life I have wanted to live in a hotel, and at one stage it was my life long dream to open a global chain of world-class hotels called Madison Hotels. I may have stolen the name from my favourite movie at the time, Billy Madison, but I found out you need a lot of money to do that so I went back to just dreaming about living in one. The point of that is, I love hotels. And while I am no travel writer, I want to start incorporating more of my travel loves and loathes with you. So here from here on in, let us welcome “Travel Time”. The name sucks so I may ditch having a title at all! 

Wine and Nail Polish. Like two peas in a pod!

In my eyes, any hotel stay is a great hotel stay, but it is even better when you grab a girlfriend you haven’t seen in ages and have a good old catch up over manicures and a bottle of wine. Recently I did just that with my pal Erika. I hadn’t seen her in forever and Vibe Hotels are offering this great package at the moment called “Look Polished”. It comes with lots of things but my favourite was that you get a pack of 4 mini nail polishes. The hot shades are created by one of my new favourite nail polish brands, Hello Darling.

Erika opted for VIPink on her digits

If you have never stayed in a Vibe Hotel before, they are really funky and they have lots of bright colours. It is a really cheerful hotel chain and very cost effective. I wouldn’t call them ‘budget’, I would call them ‘premium economy’. There are 7 Vibe properties across Australia and they are all located in desirable locations. I chose to stay at Rushcutters Bay in Sydney instead of the CBD because there is a beautiful park right next door that I used to take my dogs to. It is a great view if you get a window facing the water, which most do!

We were both so impressed by our hotel room. The bathrooms were spacious, the bed was super comfy, and the arm chairs were A-MAZING. I swear hotels always have the most comfy arm chairs. I could have slept in this one.

Just one part of our view of the park. It was such a pleasant view.

Look Polished Package

From just $199, the Look Polished package gives you the following:

  • Overnight accommodation for two BFF’s.
  • One set of four mini Vibe nail polishes in this season’s hottest colours.
  • A delicious full buffet breakfast for two.
  • Late check out at noon to catch up on beauty sleep

Super duper comfy bed. And those sheets were so soft!


To book a Look Polished getaway for you and your gal pal visit the Vibe Hotels website.

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