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When people find out that I’m vegan there is one question I am asked more than any other question …. “what DO you eat?”. I never know how to answer it because there is just so much I do eat. The list of what I don’t eat is much shorter, and most people don’t even realise that many things they already eat are vegan. With this constant question in mind and the continued interest from all of you to learn more about a truly cruelty-free lifestyle I thought I would do a few posts touching on vegan food.

People generally assume that eating vegan food instantly means it’s health food. That isn’t always the case because there are lots of unhealthy ingredients that don’t come from animals, i.e. sugar. However, in general vegan ‘junk food’ is naturally healthier than the animal-ingredient alternatives because it doesn’t have the trans fat and all the nasty chemicals/hormones that farmers feed the animals. So my point is, vegan food isn’t always a ‘health food’ but it is always more healthy than non-vegan food.

Why the long spiel, you ask? Today’s post is to introduce you to a service I’ve been using since starting my cruelty-free lifestyle. Vegan Cuts is a subscription box service that offers two monthly boxes, a Snack box and a Beauty box. The snack box has been invaluable with helping me discover just how delicious veganism is, and how many amazing products the world has to offer. This review is of the most recent snack box for May. 

My Review

Vegan Cuts Snack Box May

Contents of the May snack box


These chips aren’t just good for you, they’re also incredibly tasty – especially the new Ranch flavour which was in this box but I’ve tried their other varieties previously. They’re made from a mix of black beans, navy beans and long-grain rice, and are free from the most common food allergens – no corn, no gluten, no peanuts, no seeds, no dairy (or animal-product of any kind), non-GMO and no sugar. Plus they have 4g of complete protein and fiber in every pack.

Pearls Olives

I LOVE OLIVES! So I was happy to see Pearls Black Pitted Olives To Go in the box. The small plastic container has freshly sealed olives inside, and they don’t require refrigeration so they are the perfect snack to throw in your handbag, lunchbox or keep at work for emergencies.

Nature’s Bakery

I’ve never had a Fig Newton but I’m told that the Lemon flavoured Fig Bar I got in the box is much yummier. I can’t confirm or deny that but what I can tell you is that I’m in love with these bars. I love figs anyway but these are sweet without being over the top, they are soft and a bit chewy, and the lemon twist at the end reminds me of lemon meringue pie – sweet, not sour.

A Tavola Together

Another misconception about vegans is that we can’t eat pizza. Of course we can! I love pizza and often make it at home so that we know exactly what’s going into it. I’m excited to try the Easy Make Pizza Dough mix because it says there is no kneading required and it takes just 5 minutes to mix. Score!


Tortilla chips are awesome. But sea salt tortilla chips made with chia and kale are even better. They’re gluten free, trans fat free, msg free, non GMO, kosher and they contain 4g of fiber in each pack.


Sesame seeds are so good for us but getting them into our diet can be a little difficult. There are only so many sesame seed bagels you can eat! The Simply Sesame spread with Vanilla and Almond bits is a spread that I’ll be indulging in often. I only spread it on a piece of bread but you can use it for all kinds of dishes – use it as a sweet OR savoury spread, dip or frosting.

Meatless Select

A can of Vegetarian Taco Filling may not sound all that appetising but you’d be surprised. It’s a rather useful product using textured soy protein and mixed with all the mexican spices ready to just heat and serve. You don’t need to use it in just taco’s, it’s a yummy filling you could use in a variety of ways, i.e. in a jacket potato topped with vegan sour cream and guacamole.

Saffron Road

For a quick and easy meal this single serve packet of Rogan Josh Simmer Sauce is almost everything you need. After sauteing your choice of vegetables in a skillet, add the sauce and leave to simmer until it lightly bubbles. It’s spicy, flavoursome, gluten free and no msg.


Another great snack for your handbag or office has to be this pack of lightly seasoned lentils, cashews and raisins. It has a kick from the spices and the crunchy texture makes it a great alternative to naughtier snacks, i.e. potato chips.


Adorable single serves of hot chocolate are just what I needed this winter. Simply bring milk of your choice to the boil (I love Bonsoy – it’s so creamy and delicious) and then drop in 1-2 of the cubes, stir and enjoy. They are gluten free, non GMO, kosher and fair trade.

What Vegan Cuts says ….

Each box includes 7-10 vegan products, ranging from sweet treats to savory snacks. Typically over 80% of the products included are gluten free. If you drool over the products we feature in our marketplace, then you’ll love what’s inside our box.

Stockist Details

USA $19.95 per month from Vegan Cuts. Shipping from the USA is an additional USA $15.

What’s your opinion of vegan food now? Have you tried any of these products? Let me know by commenting below!

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