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Protein powder – two words that previously terrified me. I thought protein powder was reserved for scrawny guys who wanted to turn themselves into Arnold Schwarzenegger-type beefcakes. I never had any desire to look like Arnie so I stayed clear …… until I became vegan, that is.

My path to veganism was both for ethics and health. Researching my health led me to understand that protein does far more than build muscle, and unlike the meat & dairy industry has us believing, it comes from many sources. Now that I knew the importance of protein I was set on making sure my diet included the best possible kind. Pea Protein is considered to be one of the best and in this review I share my very first experiences with it. Did it fatten me up? Read on to find out! 


  • I chose the vanilla flavour but it is also available in unflavoured, chocolate and coffee. I thought the vanilla would be the easiest to integrate with different flavoured smoothies and I was right. It was hardly noticeable in my morning smoothies, which alternate between banana, chocolate, mixed berries and strawberry.
  • The recommended dosage of 2 heaped tablespoons (25g) is easy to consume each day. You can add it to a smoothie like I do or you can mix it with water or a milk of your choice. I did not like the taste or consistency when mixed with water but that is something I experience with any powder product, they remain a watery consistency rather than creamy like milk. If you are used to consuming protein powder this one would be no different.
  • I found the powder to breakdown and mix really well with any liquid it was put it. It wasn’t grainy and didn’t leave crunchy bits at the end. The powder appears to be finely milled.
  • Being a pea protein I found it extremely easy to digest. Unlike whey protein or other animal-based proteins, it didn’t leave me feeling heavy or bloated. I have no doubt this is in part due to it being alkaline and therefore neutralising unnecessary gas. It provided me with a satisfied, full feeling that I expected but never over-stuffed.
  • Adding protein powder to my diet definitely resulted in me eating smaller portions. I felt much fuller for longer after my morning smoothie (compared to when I had a smoothie without protein powder). I found myself having to tell myself to snack/eat where previously I would be hungry just a few hours after breakfast.
  • I put on no extra weight while consuming this product, in fact I lost a little bit but that can be attributed to my overall lifestyle improvement. My fears of protein powder proved to be ridiculous.

What Martin & Pleasance say ….

Vital Protein is the highest concentration of vegetable plant protein available. Superior golden pea protein isolate, 100% vegetable, from 82% protein, 98% digestibility.

Vital Protein is:

  • Easily digestible
  • Gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, soy free
  • Ideal protein source for losing weight
  • High in protein, low in carbs
  • Alkaline – pH of 7.5
  • LOW GIycemic Index (GI)
  • Certified Kosher

Stockist Details

Australia $44.95 from Martin & Pleasance and Cruelty Free Shop

USA – Unavailable at time of publishing. Search eBay or Amazon for sellers.

UK £29.95 from Vital Health Europe

Do you use protein powder? Did you know you could get protein powder without whey? Let me know by commenting below!

Vital Protein - Vanilla

Vital Protein – Vanilla

100% natural pea protein isolate, Natural vanilla bean, Natural sweetener (Thaumatin)

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