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I finished off 2013 with a bright new hair colour and I’ve loved it so much I haven’t been able to part with it. I gave you a sneak peek at the new colour but what I haven’t told you is how I went from boring brunette to smashing pinky-purple-redhead in just a few hours. The secret weapon was Wella Color.id and I’m going to walk you through exactly how we made my hair go from blah to BWOAH! 


Before we get into my makeover, I have to tell you about Color.id and why it made all the difference in achieving the look I wanted. Let’s start with the official explanation

Wella Professionals Color.id is a colouring treatment based on Invisider Technology that creates a matrix with the colour mass. This acts as a flexible barrier, separating and holding different hair colour sections, allowing for the application of a multitude of different hair colours. As a result colour can be applied side by side without bleeding, eliminating the need for foils.

That really says it all but in summary, we are talking about creating multicoloured hair without the need for foils or barriers. There is no bleeding when colours no different than 3 shades of depth are placed on top of or next to each other. It can’t be used in lightening (bleach) or semi-permanents so it really is for when you are going with a permanent colour change.

To say Color.id is a revolutionary product would be an understatement.

Wella Color.id is added to the colour mixture

Wella Color.id is added to the colour mixture

My Makeover

For a long time I’ve wanted to take my hair to a new level of bright, bold colour. As a teenager I had died my hair almost every colour of the rainbow. I saw it as self-expression and art, and I still do, but life got in the way and sensibility settled me down. Now that hair colour is back in a big way I was ready to take the plunge again.

My goal was for something that incorporated my favourite colours – pink and purple – but wasn’t too “young” for me. I wanted “out-there” but a colour that would still work for my complexion and fashion choices. I discussed all of this in a colour consultation with Wella Professionals colour ambassador, Cayley Norman, before she started on my hair at Toni & Guy Bondi Junction. I purposefully wore no makeup and black clothes to the appointment – this is recommended when going for a big change so that you can make sure what you choose is complimentary. If you choose a colour while wearing makeup it’s harder to make sure the colour will compliment you when you take the makeup off.

To start off we pre-lightened the lower half of my hair so that we could get the most intense result possible. I already had lighter ends from previous ombre attempts but they needed to be much lighter. We left the bleach on until the hair was honey blonde.

My hair was prelightened to deliver intense results

My hair was prelightened to deliver intense results

Next, Cayley revealed the colours to me. Using Wella Professional Koleston Perfect she created two key colours. Intensive violet mahogany was the base of both, adding a violet intensive Special Mix to one bowl and a blue intensive Special Mix to the other. Color.id was added to the mixtures so we didn’t have to use foils or time waste time doing one batch of dye and then another.

The bowls of dye

The bowls of dye

The colour was placed strategically to create a spectacular fuchsia purple result.

Wella Color.id + Koleston - Final Result

Wella Color.id + Koleston – Final Result

How To Maintain

Maintaing a bright colour isn’t quite the same as maintaining a dye that is 2-3 shades different than your natural colour. I asked Wella Guest Artist, Janis McNicholas, to give me some times on how to maintain my new look.

To maintain the richness of this look, we would recommend Salon exclusive formulations such as Wella Professional System Professional Colour Save Line or the Brilliance range by Wella Professionals Care & Styling.

The System Professional Colour Save line introduces the first 3D Protect technology which gives coloured hair noticeably longer intensity and brilliance. This is thanks to a combination of panthenol, a UV filter and Olive leaf (acts as a antioxidant) which protects against colour fading.

Wella Professionals Brilliance for Colour treated hair enhances the brilliance of colour treated hair leaving it smooth, shiny and irresistible to touch. A new sensorial dimension with triple blend care technology and diamond dust, makes this product perfect for all hair types.

Of course Wella will recommend using Wella products but if you don’t like that idea you can still use the helpful advice Janice has given. UV filters are especially important for preventing fade and to maintain that shiny finish you need to keep hair moisturised.

Fading and wash-out is inevitable with a bright colour like mine but I did specifically brief Cayley that I wanted a colour that would look good as it faded. This proves just how remarkable Cayley is because I have worn the colour right down to being blonde again and people didn’t suspect my hair was a fade out, they thought it was purposefully dyed the colour they saw.

The hair colour after one month.

The hair colour after one month

I am loving this colour and I just can’t part with it yet. However, when I do it will be for something equally bright and bold, and I will definitely use the Wella Color.id system to make the journey all the more fast and easy.

Stockist Details

Wella Professionals Color.id and Koleston are salon services. Find your local salon on the Wella Professionals website.

What do you think of my hair makeover? Do you have a bright hair colour or do you want to try it out? Let me know by commenting below!

The following statement was provided by Wella Guest Artist & Event Co-Ordinator, Janis McNicholas:

P&G Beauty and Grooming’s (Wella’s parent company) position is very clear, we do not test our products on animals, nor do we ask suppliers to test them on our behalf. We do not test ingredients on animals, except where necessary to meet government mandates or safety obligations.

We believe that ending animal testing is a benefit for all – consumers, animal welfare and industry. We are committed to continuing our leadership in research to develop non-animal alternative methods which will ultimately result in the elimination of animal testing. We are a global leader in supporting alternatives to animal research, having invested more than $265 million to date in helping to develop more than 50 proven alternative methods. Our work has appeared in more than 400 scientific publications. We actively share our discoveries so that others can benefit from our progress. We collaborate with governments and universities to promote acceptance of alternatives. As a result of our efforts, more than 99% our safety assessments are done with alternative methods.

For further information on this topic, please view this webpage.

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