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The below information is provided to aid in our efforts to be completely transparent about the running of The Plastic Diaries. Should the answer to your question not be found on this page, please refer to our FAQ‘s before contacting us.

Review Disclosures

We believe in complete integrity with our editorial and commercial interests, so you will find disclosures at the bottom of every post and on our social media channels. Our most common disclosures relate to the use of affiliates, items provided for review and paid content. You can also read our extended disclosure policy for more information regarding the running of The Plastic Diaries. Below, you will find explicit descriptions of the common disclosures we make on the blog and on social media with hashtags:

  • AFFILIATE – This post contains an affiliate link. Many of the third-party links to retailers listed on The Plastic Diaries are affiliated links. We receive a small commission if you purchase an item through an affiliate link, but you do not pay any more for the item and it doesn’t add any cost to you as a customer for shopping through an affiliate link. If a product you purchase through an affiliate link is returned, the commission is returned as well. When you shop through an affiliate link on The Plastic Diaries, you help support the site.
  • GIFT – This post contains something we have been gifted. It may be a product, entry to an event or something else that we did not pay for and not necessarily intended for use editorially. These items receive no guarantee of coverage. We only share these items if they truly interest us.
  • PURCHASED – One or more of the products mentioned were purchased by us for use in editorial content. In order to make it clear that disclosures were not omitted or forgotten, use of the Purchased disclosure commenced in October 2016 to indicate products we bought ourselves.
  • REVIEW – The author received a review copy, sample or a preview of a product, service, or topic mentioned. These are often provided by brands, their representatives (such as public relations firms, marketing  and affiliates), and retailers for editorial consideration. Products submitted for editorial consideration receive no guarantee of a review or mention of any kind, whether favourable or unfavourable. We retain completed editorial control of these items and will only be mentioned at our discretion, if at all. All opinions and thoughts expressed in this post are the authors own and remain 100% uninfluenced.
  • EDUCATION – These posts are for information only. Products, tips and advice shared in these posts are informative and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Plastic Diaries or any of its authors. Products recommended in these posts may or may not have been used by the author and are mentioned for reference only.
  • SPONSORED – The author was paid or otherwise directly compensated to promote a product, service, or topic mentioned in the post. Paid content is still subject to all our editorial and review policies. Even though compensation was provided, The Plastic Diaries only works with businesses we believe offer value to our readers.

On our social media channels we use a series of hashtags for disclosure:

  • #ad – this will be published in a social media message which can be identified as advertising I was paid to share, and may or may not have been written by me.
  • #spon – The entire post was crafted, produced and published without interference from the client. The client has only approved this post and provided compensation in some form for post this message.
  • #gifted or #partgifted – this will be published in a social media message when it includes something we have been gifted. It may be a product, entry to an event or something else that we did not pay for. These items receive no guarantee of coverage. We only share these items if they truly interest us.
  • #event– when we attend an event in which we have been invited as a guest or as a paying customer, and share images or information from the event we use this hashtag in our social media messages.
  • #liketkit – we use to embed our Instagram posts with affiliate links.

Review Policy

All reviews are written in a truthful, constructive (pro-con) format. We will only write about products/treatments we have personally tested or witnessed a nominated person over an extended period. We will not slander a product, and will always endeavour to report the most accurate results in the author’s opinion.

If a product is selected for trial, the minimum testing period runs for 30 days OR the duration of the products claimed results. Not all products that are submitted for consideration will be trialled. On occasion people other than the editors will be the tester as they may be more suited to the product/treatment (i.e. Kimberly’s mother). We only have so much skin/hair and we will never cross-contaminate a trial; that means if we are testing one shampoo and conditioner we will not test another until the first trial is completed. That is just 12 shampoo/conditioners a year per author.

Items mentioned or reviewed are either purchased or provided through a variety of options – including but not limited to submission direct from manufacturers, public relation agencies and influencer programs.

Last Updated 31 January 2017


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