Shopping Directory

Welcome to the International Online Shopping Directory. This fandangled aggregator will help you to be the most savvy online shopper with just a click of a button.

Use the search function below to find which store and/or brand will ship to your country. You can enter just one of the parameters or both – for example, if i’m looking to find retailers who sell Urban Decay AND ship to Australia I will enter the search as follows:

Brand: Urban Decay
Country: Australia

Perhaps you just want to find stores who ship to Denmark? That’s cool, just type ‘Denmark’ into the Country parameter. Whatever you seek, you shall find.

Currently the directory is exclusive to beauty and women’s fashion, and new stores are being added everyday. If you have a store recommendation please tell us. This tool is to be used as a guide-only. Some restrictions from the stores will apply as to what they will ship and wear (i.e. perfume may be subject to road transport only).

NOTE: This directory is the very first of its kind so please be patient as we iron out any bugs. If you see any errors, have a question or would like to suggest how we can improve the directory, please let us know!