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I love palettes. I love shopping. Brilliant idea = a post about my favourite purchases of palettes. Yes, being this intelligent is a burden.

2010 was year of the palette for me. Usually I purchase duos, trios maybe even a quad but rarely do I buy multiple palettes in a year despite how much I love them. This year I couldn’t resist because it seemed every brand on earth was coming up with marvelous collections I couldn’t pass up. Here are my top 5… Continue Reading

When I was first researching my trip to New York I was looking into brands or products that seemed to be popular in the USA but I hadn’t heard of here. Granted, I don’t know every single brand that we have in Australia (as much as I try!) but that was one of main goals for the trip, to find out about stuff I didn’t know and share it with you.

Anyway, so one of the brands I came across on some forums was NYX. Everyone was raving about it but I thought the name sounded kind of try-hard. Like what does NYX mean? Continue Reading