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One thing I fear most in this world is pain. I am no good with pain. Or the thought of pain. Or even typing about pain *shiver*

Dentists are one of those people I instantly associate with pain. I know how important dental health is, but I will do anything to avoid a trip to the dentist. Luckily, I have been blessed with pretty good teeth (well, there is the insanely sensitive thing, but no fillings or anything) but it has always panicked me about what might happen. The future is hazy.

When I was a teenager, and first found out about sedation, the first question to my mother on my way to the dentist was “WHY CAN’T YOU SEDATE ME??? WHY?????”. It was a little hard to hear her answer through all my blubbering and tears, but her response was something along the lines of “they just can’t”. Well she lied. She is a dirty, rotten liar!

Dr Fadi Yassmin

A couple of weeks ago I had Continue Reading

Best New Beauty September 2017 beauty products

Wow, guys. This month is absolute madness in the beauty launch calendar. The best new beauty September launches have come in strong from the likes of Fenty Beauty, Too Faced, St Tropez, Nip + Fab, Katy Perry and more.

Discover the best of the best new beauty products with my Best New Beauty September round-up. Continue Reading

Holster Certified Vegan Rose Gold Sneakers

Super cute shoes are now available for everyone, even vegans! You’ve probably seen me rave about metallic sneakers on social media and the reason I’m so excited about it now is because Holster certified vegan status confirms their cute metallic shoes as vegan!

Holster Shoes has gained vegan certification from The Vegan Society and PETA, but why is this such big news? Read on to find out!  Continue Reading

Best New Beauty August 2017 beauty products

The seasons are changing and with it comes a new wave of delightful beauty releases. The best new beauty launches this month from Nude by Nature, CND, Lancôme, Models Own and more has us transitioning from Summer and Winter and opening our arms to embrace Spring and Fall. Discover these new beauty products with my Best New Beauty August round-up. Continue Reading

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