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One thing I fear most in this world is pain. I am no good with pain. Or the thought of pain. Or even typing about pain *shiver*

Dentists are one of those people I instantly associate with pain. I know how important dental health is, but I will do anything to avoid a trip to the dentist. Luckily, I have been blessed with pretty good teeth (well, there is the insanely sensitive thing, but no fillings or anything) but it has always panicked me about what might happen. The future is hazy.

When I was a teenager, and first found out about sedation, the first question to my mother on my way to the dentist was “WHY CAN’T YOU SEDATE ME??? WHY?????”. It was a little hard to hear her answer through all my blubbering and tears, but her response was something along the lines of “they just can’t”. Well she lied. She is a dirty, rotten liar!

Dr Fadi Yassmin

A couple of weeks ago I had Continue Reading

NIVEA Cooling Sunscreen review

Aerosol sunscreen is becoming a more popular choice but in this NIVEA Cooling Sunscreen review I’m introducing you to a sunscreen feature you never knew you needed. It’s life changing and I love it, but does this one benefit counteract NIVEA’s Ultra Sport Protect Cooling Aerosol SPF50+ defects?  Continue Reading

End of Year Sales Fashion Shopping Inspiration

The Boxing Day and End of Year sales are in full-swing. While this can be a fab time to pick up a great deal, it’s not such a money saver if you buy things you don’t need or really want. Having a shopping list of what to buy is one of my most valuable tips for being a savvy sale shopper. However, I’ll admit that sometimes there are things out there I didn’t know I needed. Sometimes, I need someone to introduce me to the things I didn’t know (or forgot) I needed. That’s what I’m offering you some end of year sales shopping inspiration by sharing some of the great goodies I picked up during the Cyber Week sales.

These are the beauty and fashion goodies I got during Black Friday, Cyber Weekend and Cyber Monday.  Continue Reading

Deciem Hylamide High Efficiency Face Cleaner

Finding a good face cleanser shouldn’t be difficult but for me it’s one of those things I’m always looking to improve. I was recommended the Hylamide High Efficiency Face Cleaner as an all-in-one solution for makeup removal and skin cleansing. I have dry skin and I’m lazy, so I want quick and easy without compromising on quality results.  Continue Reading

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