To inflame my renewed admiration for Napoleon Perdis cosmetics, the brand have released two more products. I should actually correct myself and say 1 item is actually a re-release but as I have never owned it before I will just pretend it is brand new. That’s fair, right?

Ok so what we are looking at today are baked powders, one is a bronzer and one is a blusher. Personally I am not too familiar with baked powders, in fact I had only heard the term about 9 months ago, but if I were to judge the whole idea of them based on just these Napoleon ones, I would say I LOVE THEM. Yes, that doesn’t tell us much does it?

Bronze Patrol and Blush Patrol in new packaging

What Are Baked Powders?

After some googling to find out what baked powders really are, I came across this great article on It is from last year but I am still pretty sure nothing has changed since then.

In summary, the differences come down to the following: Continue Reading