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This coming Saturday The Plastic Diaries will turn 2 years old. To celebrate, we are hosting 5 fabulous giveaways. Let’s take a look at what is up for grabs today …

Benefit Cosmetics – Raising Eyebrows by Cameron Tuttle

Not so long ago I spilled the beans on my eyebrow essential beauty products. One of those essential products was this book, Raising Eyebrows by Cameron Tuttle. It was created in conjunction with the experts at Benefit Cosmetics, and I would know they are good because they are the folks who do my brows when I decide to see a pro.  Continue Reading

My brows (and a face without make-up … eek!)

If you have met me, you are probably one of those strange people to compliment me on my eyebrows. Cheers for that, but it is a little strange. Although I do prefer that over you feeling me and complimenting me on my soft skin. And speaking of soft skin, seeing as though I spilled the beans on my skin secrets, I thought I should do the same for my eyebrows.

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