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New Release Beauty Favourites Jan 2013

I find January can either be a slow month for new releases or a crazy jam packed month. This year, I am finding it a little quiet so picking my favourites from the bunch were a little easier. The biggest category is definitely colour, with lots of new nail polish and makeup lines to keep you drowning in a rainbow coloured pool.

Let’s take a look at what has me buzzing this month. Continue Reading

I am neither a trendsetter or a trend follower. Or am I?

I like to think that I only buy and use things that make me look good. However, when tidying my beauty cupboard (ok, room) recently I realised that I am a total liar. I completely follow beauty trends. My nail art stickers, BB creams and conical tongs all prove this very point.

Tell me, am I the only one to buy into the fads? Do you have a large collection of shatter polish that you question? Are you a proud trend follower?

Do you follow beauty trends?

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