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Dry Shampoo Hair Tutorial

I know I’m in great company when I say dry shampoo is confusing to use. Have you bought dry shampoo, read the instructions, applied it and then thought to yourself, “this was a waste of money, it didn’t work”?. That was my response for the first ten dry shampoos I ever used. I was convinced they were the greatest hoax in the beauty industry. Could it be that I was just using it incorrectly? The instructions were simple enough: Continue Reading

5 Things Home Hair Styling

DIY hair styling is possibly the thing I am worst at in life. I know 2 or 3 styles that work for my hair but learning new tricks is pretty hard for me. However, I do get inspired to try hairstyles all the time. Recently I was lucky enough to witness Sarah Laidlaw, Creative Stylist for Kérastase Paris Australia, in action at the launch of the new Kérastase Couture Styling collection. Sarah spoke a language I actually understood and even her most complicated hair style only had 5-6 steps. As soon as she had completed the first model I knew this was the woman that would get me to try new hairstyles …. but first, I wanted her to give me some important advice.

I asked Sarah to share 5 essential tips for styling your own hair, and she has been really kind to share them with us. I can’t wait to give them a go. Continue Reading