happy mothers day written in a blackboard label and a red rose

If there is anything better than receiving a well deserved gift it would have to be giving one. And no one is more deserving than our mothers or motherly-figures. It is one day a year to say thank-you for putting up with us, for raising us, for doing everything you could to keep us safe and happy (no matter how determined we were to make it difficult for you). Whether it is actually your birth mothers, grandmother, sister, aunty or simply a friend who helped you in life …. Sunday, 12 May is the day to thank them with a gift.

I personally think there is no better gift than one that makes you look and feel good. It may be something personal like a fragrance that invokes memories of good times, or a bright red lipstick that says you are a confident woman and I cherish that. Every gift tells a story so why not make it one that is more than a box of chocolates. The gift ideas you will find in this post are worthy of making your mother feel loved.  Continue Reading