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Seraphina Organics On With The Glow Body Wash

Seraphina Organics is a luxury, certified organic, cruelty-free beauty brand focusing on sensitive skin types (eg. eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, severely dry skin or easily acned skin). The company was founded by Amy Crosby who grew tired of her eczema and wanted nice beauty products for herself without compromising on ingredients. Still a relatively new brand, they currently have 6 products in their line that body, hands and lips. As body washes can be quite a concern for those with skin allergies I am reviewing their On With The Glow Body Wash first.

I personally suffer from itchy skin, which has eased 90% since I changed to a plant-based diet, but a small percentage is still easily triggered by heat rash in cases of extreme heat. As the weather warmed up for Spring/Summer I found this to be the perfect time to put it to the test. Could this new Aussie beauty keep me clean and calm my skin? Continue Reading

Farryn Sandler 1

I am Farryn, currently working alongside Kimberly as the newest addition to The Plastic Diaries. Seeing as though I’m a newbie in the beauty world, I thought it best to tell you a little bit about myself.

Born and raised in South Africa, I decided to embark on an adventure to begin my studies in Israel. Whilst studying at an international university there in a strange environment, I immersed myself into the vibrant culture and mingled with many foreign and interesting people with whom I expanded my entire worldview. I completed my studies not only with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, but also with an abundance of life lessons and worldly knowledge that usually only comes from taking a big leap out of our ever-so-appealing comfort zones. I most recently began my journey to Sydney as a way to rediscover myself in this new chapter in my life and establish a footprint as a working girl in a new city.  Continue Reading