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Summer 2014-15 Beauty Giveaway

Ceeeeeeeelebrate good times, C’MON! Yes, I’m so happy it’s summer that I’m actually singing. Summer in Australia is rather beautiful. It’s hot, like you would imagine but it’s very colourful, even in the biggest of cities there is so much colour in the trees and flowers and wildlife …. and everything. It’s always a celebration in summer and what better what to celebrate than by winning prizes?

This season are 18 amazing beauty prizes up for grabs. Don’t forget, this competition is open internationally so it doesn’t matter if you aren’t celebrating the sweetness of summer!  Continue Reading

NYFW Beauty Products

I love travelling but for me the worst part is packing (and unpacking, to be honest). I’ve given you a few tips about packing previously but what on earth does a girl pack for New York Fashion Week? It’s a week of post-summer warm weather in a humid city, running around all parts of town, and glitzy fashionistas at swinging soirees. My beauty bag has to carry everything I need to survive the week and even after all these years of attending Australian Fashion Week I still have no idea what to pack until the very last minute.

I try to take miniatures of all my beauty products where possible and I try to avoid sachets or little packets, where possible. I recommend collating deluxe samples when they’re available as gift with purchase offers or as perks from your favourite beauty store (Sephora, I’m looking at you!). These are the beauty products that accompanied me to NYFW 2014.

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Dry Shampoo Hair Tutorial

I know I’m in great company when I say dry shampoo is confusing to use. Have you bought dry shampoo, read the instructions, applied it and then thought to yourself, “this was a waste of money, it didn’t work”?. That was my response for the first ten dry shampoos I ever used. I was convinced they were the greatest hoax in the beauty industry. Could it be that I was just using it incorrectly? The instructions were simple enough: Continue Reading

theBalm En Root Dry Shampoo

I have never been a big dry shampoo user. Like most people with fine hair, My scalp is usually getting oily within the first 24 hours of washing. I wash my hair every 2-3 days depending on how quick the oil has built up. My past experience with dry shampoo has been that they leave my hair feeling chalky and they make my hair look ashy. The only dry shampoo I have actually ever “loved” is the Bumble & Bumble Brunette Hair Powder but with the price being at AUS $54 (it used to be AUS $72!!) I am set on finding a budget friendly one that works for my hair.

When theBalm launched their En Root hair line earlier this year I was so excited to try their creations. The dry shampoo was on the top of my list and I am excited to share the review with you. Will I have found a new favourite or has it failed me like other dry shampoos? Read my review to find out!  Continue Reading