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Celebrity Beauty

Celebrities are often thrust into a position of being publicly ridiculed for their looks but despite this some celebrities not only embrace it but actually turn it into a business. I think it’s genius if you can take your position of being a face for beauty and turn that into a business venture, and that’s what these 7 female celebrities have done. Interestingly it’s also worth noting just how many celebrities care about being cruelty-free. From makeup to sunless tanning, these smoking hot women know how to market their unique beauty to the masses.  Continue Reading

I was born an emery board girl, and I thought I would die an emery board girl. Truly, there was nothing more horrifying to me than metal nail files. They were right up there with huntsmen spiders and cavity searches. When I came across this Revlon contraption during my last trip to New York, I thought it looked a tad different. This one didn’t look like those other metal files you get in mini manicure kits, it looked kind of alright. Still remembering my dislike for metal nail files, I kept walking. Continue Reading