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Easton Pearson Cloud Nine Hair Look

Hair Director: Renya Xydis for Cloud Nine


It’s “50’s inspired, but it feels more like 2050” says Lydia Pearson.

Renya Xydis and her Cloud Nine army of session stylists whipped up a frenzy of colourful hair piled high on top of model’s heads in an artfully dishevelled up-do inspired by Hitchcock heroine Tippi Hedren’s icy blonde French roll in ‘The Birds”.

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I am absolutely terrible at doing doing my own hair. Neat, beautiful, styled hair is way beyond my capabilities. To be realistic, I think all hair-dos I do on my own hair look crap, but there is one hair style I seem to get a few nice comments on …… the messy, kinky bed head look.

Today I thought I should share how exactly I do it because it is actually very simple. It is so simple that my uncoordinated self can do it!

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I think it is safe to say we all know how important foundation is if you are creating a spectacular make-up look. Not only is foundation used as a base to cover imperfections and even skin tone, but until recently it was seen as the required ingredient in making make-up stick to your face (now we have primer for that part). So why isn’t there anything that does the same for your hair? After all, if you are going to create a fantastic hair do, why shouldn’t there be something to prepare the hair in the same way foundation does for our face? Am I alone in thinking this?

Now before we get too specific, I totally acknowledge that there are gels and mousses that some would argue do exactly that, but in my opinion those products usually have some ‘setting’ properties themselves and therefore aren’t so much as a prepping step but rather a finishing one. When I saw Wella had this product in their High Hair range I was very excited. The name Style Foundation sounds exactly like what I felt the haircare market was lacking. Foundation for your hair. Continue Reading