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Rose Gold Colour Trend

I’m absolutely obsessed with rose gold right now. It’s by far the prettiest shade of jewellery I’ve seen but the trend in rose gold bling has now spilled over to other fashion items, beauty products and even homewares. This trend is going to be around for a while to come so I’m stocking up on everything I can find. Here are the gorgeous rose gold items I’ve found so far, plus my wish list of more pinky golden goodness.  Continue Reading

In the USA it is known as Magic Lumi, but here in Australia we went for something more gourmet with Lumi Magique. Whatever the name may be, this primer promises to illuminate skin with a believable glow. I have a very hit and miss reaction to most primers but after hearing from some friends that this one really is a goody, I thought I would have to give it a try. After testing for 30 days (as per all my reviews) I am happy to share my findings.  Continue Reading