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A little while ago I was lucky enough to attend a small make-up class at the Lancôme counter in Myer Sydney City Store, hosted by Michael Brown, the National Make-Up Artist for Lancôme in Australia.

I had been looking forward to this event for some time because, as you already know, I am quite a fan of Lancôme. When I get attached to a brand, like I have done with Lancôme, I feel I hold them to a much higher standard. I expect everything they do to be magic. For this reason, I may have put a little pressure on Michael (in my mind anyway), to achieve greatness and impress me with some tips I had never heard before. Continue Reading

Last Wednesday I ran off to Myer because they were having great sale on beauty products, as mentioned here.

Lancôme was my first stop because I have had my heart set on the limited edition L’Wren Scott holiday collection that came out on Sunday, 28 November. I did run out to my local Myer at Eastgardens the day it went on sale but of course no staff member at that store knew what I was talking about, Continue Reading