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Christian Louboutin Nail Polish

Despite my admiration and lust for Christian Louboutin’s sexy women’s shoes, I will never own a pair. Unfortunately the french designer exclusively uses leather and exotic animal skins, something I’m very much against. However, now there is something for girls like me now that Louboutin has officially made his entry into the beauty world. Let’s give a warm welcome to Christian Louboutin Beauté.

The very first product will come of no surprise. The iconic red sole of Louboutin’s heels has been bottled in the form of nail lacquer, capturing that sexy red hue fashionista’s all over the world identify in a glimpse. Continue Reading

We are now just days away from one of the serious ‘Fashion Weeks’ of the year. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York for Spring 2012. My question to you is, do you care?

Fashion Week is THE event in fashion, and it happens in almost every country these days. The major Fashion Weeks are New York, Milan, Paris and London. Most countries hold 2 Fashion Weeks each year, a Spring/Summer and a Fall/Winter. Aside from showcasing all the upcoming fashion from some of the worlds biggest designers, the Fashion Week shows also give insight into the upcoming beauty trends.

Todays question came to me after last weeks poll. An assuming me would guess that if you don’t follow trends, you wouldn’t find Fashion Week/s interesting, but am I wrong?

My Opinion: I don’t really follow trends straight from the catwalk, but I definitely find them inspiring. As someone who is rather uncreative with their daily makeup, I like to see what sort of colours are being used and how they are worn. For that reason, I do care about Fashion Weeks in general. I particularly find New York Fashion Weeks to be the most appealing to me. I will try to see every report that comes out about NY Fashion Week and hunt down all the images. Why does New York interest me the most? Well, I think it comes down the some of the brands behind the looks, but I need to investigate my motives a little more.

What do you think about Fashion Week/s? Are they a whole lot of nothing? Are you enthralled by them? Would you rather watch paint dry?

Do you care about Fashion Week/s?

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