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Sunday’s are always my nail rest day. The one day I try to let them breathe and recuperate before another week of being coated in all sorts of stuff. Most nail feigns I know seem to have a similar policy for one day of the week. Well I am hoping today isn’t the day because I want to know what you have on them NOW.

Are you au naturale except for some classic nail polish? Do you have acrylics or one of the many forms of gel? If you are sans nail art please let me know why. I am genuinely nosey curious.

What is on your nails RIGHT NOW?

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I am super excited for this weekend. Originally it was because I had no plans and I could sleep off this ridiculous jet lag but then I remembered that this weekend sees the International Spa & Beauty Expo come to Sydney. And it fits in perfectly with all my spa stories I have been sharing this week. Let’s face it, I am now addicted to ‘spaing’, or is that ‘spa-ring’. Hrmmmm making up words is hard.

If being the only expo of its kind to hit Sydney is not exciting enough, then Continue Reading

What I Say….

I am lusting after these adorable Nail ‘stickers’ from Sephora. They are made specially by OPI using a new innovate technology by Minx. They come in awesome patterns like Checkers, Fishnet, Lace and as below, Tiger. Grrrrowl!

Sadly these are Limited Edition and ONLY available Continue Reading