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New Release Beauty Favourites Feb 2013

I don’t want to alarm anyone but I think the beauty industry took steroids this month because they seriously bulked up! Nails and makeup were the big players this time around here but surprisingly I had ZERO hair products. I played with a total of 92 products launching this month and none of them were hair. I am gobsmacked.

Nevertheless, I was kept very busy and compiling this list of new products to be excited about was more difficult than I had hoped it would be. I apologise now for any lusting that may occur as a result of this beauty porn. Let’s begin.

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The month of May seems quieter on the new products front, but I have a sneaking suspicion it is because June will be a big one. But don’t you worry, there are still lots of great products to tickle your fancy this month. The following ones got me jumping for joy.

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Glitter nail polish is so hot right now. I have always been a fan of it so to me it only means that I am in fashion for once. Woo!

Mode Cosmetics have realised the trend and released 6 new shades into their super-budget friendly range. If you aren’t familiar with Mode Cosmetics, you are missing out. They make seriously affordable cosmetics, and just to give you an idea, their nail lacquers have a recommended retail price of only AU $2.45. Yep. Bargain.

Today I am going to show you the new colours along with swatches. All swatches were 2 coats of thin to medium thickness.

The Colours

In all there are 6 shades being permanently added to the Mode Cosmetics nail lacquer line. That takes the line up to 67 shades in total!

As usual I will start with the colour breakdowns and then include my two cents on the lacquers overall at the end.

They look pretty so far!

Influential Miss

Nicely packed with super fine, light-silver coloured glitter in a clear base. As you can see from the swatch, It almost got to opaque in two coats, which means one coat would be perfect as a top coat and three coats would be fully opaque. I think that is a great result.

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