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Best new beauty products of November 2014

I don’t want to point it out but guys, it’s the end of November already. Can you smell Christmas? Can you hear those New Years fireworks? They are right around the corner so before the madness ensues I want to show you some of my new favourite products to end the season.

November isn’t a key time for product launches but I still had 31 new beauties land on my desk, most of which were colour cosmetics and nail collections. The change of season is the perfect time to get yourself some new colourful toys to use over the festive season and with Black Friday/Cyber Monday coming up, you’ll probably be able to get them a lot cheaper. Oh and don’t forget to check back for our ultimate sale shopping guides for the big weekend! Continue Reading

Ulta3 Big Book of Nails

With the end of the year nearing I thought it would be a good idea to ease into the gift giving season with some items you would probably want for yourself. The Ulta3 Big Book of Nails is definitely one of those items but it may also be a great addition to your holiday beauty preparations. This set of nail lacquer gives you everything you need to create some great nail art, and with the accompanying Nail Art Tool Kit you can master the tutorials in just one weekend.  Continue Reading

Karla Spetic essie Nails Tools

It is something I have complained about for a while, the availability of certain nail brands being restricted in Australia. Essie was one of those brands until L’Oreal acquired the company recently. Until this month Essie was only available at selected department stores, and even if you found a store that stocked the brand it was a very limited selection. Now, with the power of L’Oreal and some handshakes behind closed doors, Essie will now be stocked in over 310 Priceline stores. This is massive news for nail lovers.

Priceline is a beauty-lovers shopping heaven. While most brands are considered drugstore or pharmacy brands, the set-up and friendly service of your local Priceline is what makes us shoppers feel at home. For me personally, I think the over use of the colour pink also reels me in. A girl can’t hide her love of pink.  Continue Reading

Torn Nail Index Finger

A torn nail is quite possibly the worst thing that can happen to a women. Perhaps I am being a little overdramatic but at the time, it always feels like your life is over. I suffer from a debilitating affliction that causes my nails to split horizontally as they grow. I usually get a little slice halfway up the nail bed and then it is a complicated process of trying to nurse that nail to health until the split has grown to a point I can cut my nails back. Unfortunately that is rarely the case and I usually am left with a stubby nail well below the edge of my finger. When the most recent occurrence took place I let my frustration out on Twitter hoping to get some comforting words from fellow torn-nail-sufferers, but instead I heard from the lovely team at Bio Sculpture saying that they have a solution that can lift me out of my depression. They insisted I come in and they will do a normal nail repair on my finger with what they call a “free edge extension”.

I had no idea what a free edge extension was. I know the “free edge” of a nail is the very tip, and I know what “extension” means, but how is it possible to do that without glueing on some crazy acrylics, and is it even possible when all you have is skin as a base? Turns out, their solution was exactly what I needed and I am going to show you how it is done.  Continue Reading

How To Remove Gel Nails Header


Like most women, I love going to the nail salon to get my gel nails applied but when it comes time to removing them I can never be bothered going back just to have someone else take them off. Removing them DIY at home can be risky because that is when damage to the nail is more likely to occur, however, if you do it correctly you can keep your nice long new nails without any tears. Today I am going to share my tutorial on how I remove my Bio Sculpture gel nails at home, and I will be doing it to the awesome Missoni inspired gel NOTD. This technique can be applied to any gel nails, shellac, gel-polish hybrids and to even remove glitter nail polish (life saver!!).  Continue Reading

NIVEA Cooling Sunscreen review

Aerosol sunscreen is becoming a more popular choice but in this NIVEA Cooling Sunscreen review I’m introducing you to a sunscreen feature you never knew you needed. It’s life changing and I love it, but does this one benefit counteract NIVEA’s Ultra Sport Protect Cooling Aerosol SPF50+ defects?  Continue Reading

End of Year Sales Fashion Shopping Inspiration

The Boxing Day and End of Year sales are in full-swing. While this can be a fab time to pick up a great deal, it’s not such a money saver if you buy things you don’t need or really want. Having a shopping list of what to buy is one of my most valuable tips for being a savvy sale shopper. However, I’ll admit that sometimes there are things out there I didn’t know I needed. Sometimes, I need someone to introduce me to the things I didn’t know (or forgot) I needed. That’s what I’m offering you some end of year sales shopping inspiration by sharing some of the great goodies I picked up during the Cyber Week sales.

These are the beauty and fashion goodies I got during Black Friday, Cyber Weekend and Cyber Monday.  Continue Reading

Deciem Hylamide High Efficiency Face Cleaner

Finding a good face cleanser shouldn’t be difficult but for me it’s one of those things I’m always looking to improve. I was recommended the Hylamide High Efficiency Face Cleaner as an all-in-one solution for makeup removal and skin cleansing. I have dry skin and I’m lazy, so I want quick and easy without compromising on quality results.  Continue Reading

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