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Before I departed yesterday to do the business thing at the awesome conference, I thought I should jazz up my hair. You know, for the professional touch. It has been a good 3 months since my hair was last dyed so I was well overdue for a touch-up. Seeing as though I loved the colour I got from Nice ‘n Easy last time, I thought I would give them a go again.

This time I decided to try out their newest release, Colour Blend Foam. I previously have tried a DIY hair dye foam by Schwarzkopf and I absolutely loved it. Seeing as though my last ‘foam’ experience was positive I saw no reason to go for the usual runny-liquid stuff.

The contents of the pack

I opted for 5RB Medium Reddish Brown this time as it looked similar to the colour I had last time. I didn’t want to stray too far from my current colour incase something went wrong.

The foam all mixed up

What I Say ….

  • The contents of the kit looked pretty simple, but I liked that it had big numbers stating 1, 2, 3 on the products. Continue Reading
I rarely get to test out hair care products for coloured hair because I am not one of those people who always have it dyed. If my 18 year old self heard me say that I am sure she would have dyed of shock, but as I get older I find myself getting less daring and don’t really want to experiment with colour to much. I have also found my hair doesn’t hold colour quite like it used to so out of sheer laziness I just stopped dying it in the first place. 

Back on April 18 I tested out Clairol Nice ‘n Easy and saw that as a perfect opportunity to test out some shampoo and conditioner designed for coloured hair. Seeing as though I love the Schwarzkopf Extra Care 10 Carat Shine Gloss Spray (as you can tell from my review), I thought I should give the brand another run. You know, to see if they were a one hit wonder.

What I Say ….

  • I started using the Shampoo and Conditioner duo from my first wash post-dying.
  • The products smell very pleasant, a bit sweet but not overwhelming. Continue Reading

This year has already flown by and it has already been over a week since my birthday (which felt like minutes ago). As usual, I am a little delayed in posting this particular feature but again, for a good reason which I will tell you shortly.

Birthday’s are usually such a downer for me (the whole aging thing) but this year I was pleasantly surprised by an offer to have my hair dyed and styled. As much as I try to stay grumpy for the entire 24 hour birthday period, a trip to the salon always puts a smile on my face. Damn!

The Product

Clairol recently launched a new and rather innovative product in their well established Nice ‘n Easy collection, titled Colour Blend Foam. The new foam formula makes blending colour super easy and perfect for hard to reach places. You can use Colour Blend Foam to do a full colour but because of the new unique abilities, it would seem this product could be the ultimate regrowth problem solver. Interest has been peaked.

The Makeover

To really put the regrowth solving solution to the test, I would need to have my hair dyed first. Clearly. Enter hair colour genius, Continue Reading

Tis’ the season to win stuff. Seriously, there are competitions EVERYWHERE. Good I say. There really is no better pick-me-up then being rewarded for taking 90 seconds out of your day to enter a competition.

Get involved team …..
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