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Confession time: My feet are so flat they could be used as a spirit level. I used to have perfectly arched feet but since I started working from home and wearing the likes of slippers, ugg boots and thongs, my feet have dropped to an all time low. As a result, wearing heels in any form is now excruciatingly painful. Wearing flats for the rest of my life is NOT an option so I turned to Scholl and their Party Feet range to find some relief. Their newest release are the Soft Touch gel cushions and I am going to share my review today. Continue Reading

Oh my beloved beauties, can you believe another Fashion Week is done and dusted? I cannot. It seemed so far away just a few weeks ago, and then like a bat to the noggin, it was all over.

My experience at this seasons Rosemount Australian Fashion Week was absolutely thrilling ….. and utterly exhausting. You see, this was my first time at a Fashion Week as a ‘reporter’. HA, I am not a reporter by any means, but I was there to report on beauty stuff for Sassybella (I guess that makes me a reporter? hrmmm). A couple of weeks ago I announced that news and stupidly said that I would be posting a daily rundown of my RAFW action here on The Plastic Diaries. Clearly I am new to this whole Fashion Week thingy because I failed to stay awake long enough at the end of each day to even turn on my computer. For making that stupid promise, I am very very sorry. I shall never let you down like that again, and to make up for it, I am going to give you a massive RAFW packed post right now ….. Continue Reading